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January 21st 2013
Published: January 21st 2013
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“Home is the nicest word there is.” ~

Hello all, how are things? I think I last left off on our anniversary dinner on Friday. Overall we had a really nice weekend, lots of touring around, picking up some gifts & souvenirs, and taking the time to relax by the ocean, eating some great food & enjoying some frothy drinks. Just how we wanted to spend our last few days here.

All in all I will say it's been a great trip despite the flu, and somehow the time seemed to stop for a while and one relaxing day turned into another lazy day. Not having to worry about a clock is a wonderful way to escape everyday life. Well it was all tranquil till one has to start packing, sorting laundry and remembering a special person you want to buy a gift for, and then it's a big flurry of activity & running around.

Packing to come home requires military precision to get all our "stuff" and new purchases all packed in and safe & secure. AND, like clockwork you will hear Al grumbling about "how much *&^%!$(MISSING)# clothes/stuff we bring, and how the heck are we going to fit it all into the suitcases we brought, and surely to god we can reduce the amount of luggage we bring each time". Yes I do agree with him, but it never seems to work out that way funny enough. Maybe next time we will reduce the amount of clothes; hey just buy new ones there Al, that would work!!! 😊 When you see all the sandals and shoes lined up at the door you'd almost think we were running a Payless shoe store. Ahhh the challenges of family vacation.

I had forgotten to mention Lara & her dad had a great diving experience, and once Lara got the hang of it, she did a great job. She plans on getting certified, so here's hoping the babysitting jobs she's starting to book will fund these diving excursions. I am NOT, and I will repeat NOT, give up my massages with Monica. 😉 for anyone. (Well. sigh...maybe we can negotiate on this! She's such a great girl.)

Al's diving in the cenotes on Friday was a really cool experience, and because the Riviera Maya is a diver/snorkeler's paradise, there is no end of adventures he can have there in the future. I am even sure he will forget all about the traumatic packing experience if I just whisper "scuba diving"...😊

Saturday morning Al & I got up early to take some more pics of the condo complex/water for Tonya & her website. Al too treated himself to this grand camera & accessories after Christmas, so he's packing some major equipment these days (now that just sounded rude didn't it?? HAHAHA)...hope Al doesn't read this particular blog.

We then ventured out for some walking and shopping, and enjoyed the quiet time together. Al had to be back for 10am for a massage, as he and his mother booked Monica for a massage each. So I continued shopping around, and sharing a drink with the girls on the beach before meeting up with the gang for lunch at Wickys.

Saturday night found us back dining with the friendly staff at Los Rancheros and the food proved to be tasty once again. More chicken & steak kebobs, and Pat had flambeed shrimp which I think was a big hit & she really enjoyed it and Ray dug into some ribs which seemed to hit the spot. It was a fun way to end another enjoyable day.

And then up early Sunday am, finish our packing and had our friend Jaime's van lined up to get us to the airport. Luckily I checked to see if our flight was on time, but NOPE; it was going to be delayed for a few hours, so we put the van on hold so so we could spend more time at the condo than be stuck sitting in the airport.

Once we did check in at the airport, all went smoothly, and WestJet offered us $50 worth of food coupons which could be used in a restaurant within the airport or for take-out food from any of the delis etc. So lunch was on WestJet.

We were home around 6PM Sunday night, and sheesh, who turned down the thermostat on the weather here? And this week is going to be a doozy; realllly cold. Seems cruel to see the girls in their snowsuits today when a mere 24 hours ago they were all in bathing suits.

Ahhh the bigger the vacation, the harder the fall!

I am still considering starting a "Tropical Vacation Withdrawal" group. Now how this would work: we would meet around 11 am on your first day back, and we'd have all a margarita. Then the next day we'd push it to say...noon. Then after that, I would slowly wean you all of your margaritas. Perhaps a little Latin background music to go along with the drinks...Now if we could just fly Monica in for those super-duper massages I think we'd all be on our feet back into routine in no time 😊

Well I think this ties up my blogs with the exception of a few pics and video that I will send off in the next day or two.

The new camera that I asked Santa for, sure is a dandy. I don't brag about being a fantastic photographer by any stretch, but let's put it this way, I can appreciate beauty in many forms, which helps when taking pictures. Al says I am too "impatient" to be a photographer, and he's right because I know I'm clicking and walking off before the pic's done! However... with this new camera I am actually taking the time to learn what all the little diagrams mean! This is new for me. For years I'd ask Al how I even turn on my flash!!! But he did say when looking at the pics of the flowers I took, that he was impressed. I'll take that. I just want to be able to document our trip through my own eyes, and through my own camera lens. I want to capture the moment, more than I care if it's "balanced" or totally in focus, because life sometimes should just be "caught" and not perfected or re-arranged. So let me know what you think of the pics coming up in the next blog called, "My Pictures".

Cheers all, thanks for following along, and for your comments. I hope you enjoyed coming along for the ride! (PS Debbie I got your note on the blog site & emailed you? I was hoping to meet you! Email me when you get a chance...I know how busy it is lounging on a chair in Playa!)

On a final note, thank you Miss Wonderful Tonya, for arranging our stay at the fabulous Luna Encantada, in the two fantastic condos. We had a blast! You're the best. Here's to another year of writing blogs for PBC. (Any of you reading this blog want an incredible place to stay with friends or family, she's the lady to talk to)...

And to Ray & Pat, sure hope you had a good time. We did, and the kids loved to be with grandma & grandpa. Here's to more adventures...

"Happy trails to you, until we meet again. Some trails are happy ones, Others are blue. It's the way you ride the trail that counts, Here's a happy one for you." ~ – Dale Evans

Sal and family

PS I had bought 3 tickets to the CHEO Dream of Lifetime Lottery. We always support CHEO (thank god for CHEO) and guess what? I came home and there were two envelopes on the table for me. I opened the first one and it said, CONGRATULATIONS. One of my tickets was drawn and I won $100 gift card to Farm Boy. Then I opened the other and again, CONGRATULATIONS. Another one of my tickets won me a $100 gift card to Costco. I'll take that...(I've never won anything in the lottery before either!) All for a good cause.

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21st January 2013
Girls in hats

Thanks for sharing Sal
Hola Sal, I love the photo of girls in hats. Absolutely adorable. And Eva is quite a poser!!! I thought you were to be there a few more days.... Oh okay. Back to school, etc. Diego and Liam were asking how your daughters are able to take this time off school. I can't see them doing homework in paradise., but then again I am sure you made some smart arrangement so that they stay on top. Sally, this last blog is beautiful. Really nice. You have allowed me to fall in love with another paradise other than the one I was born in, and that I have NOt seen in 36 years:Venezuela....(hmmm, actually 37 winters!). You see, once you are born in a special paradise, no one compares. The truth is that I most likely will visit Mexico before I visit my own Mother land. I thank you for opening my own eyes . It has taught me to be open and unbiased. This Mexico lindo is SO lindo!!! I love your comments on 'photography and on packing'...and 'AL' on the two subjects before mentioned. ;-) How blessed your girls are to have Grandparents and to experience their love and wisdom.This all embracing trip is special in family building. One day they and their children, will do the same and bring you and Al alone. You smart mom, you! I think at times that not only you have a connection to good memories of your wedding, but also to your loving brother Bill. I hope the time has helped heal...and by going there you two are connected at a deeper level. Again, Thanks Sal for sharing. You are so much fun. Welcome back to our beautiful land. Hope that arctic cold leaves here soon, for you and me. xo Your friend always, Zully
21st January 2013
Girls in hats

Our last few days
Shees, Zully, thanks for sharing yourself. I was very moved by your words. You bring with you so much culture & history; and it's always my pleasure to be around you too! xoxoxo
21st January 2013

enjoy your fun in the sun!
hi Sally- just wanted to say that I really enjoy your words and your photos- food looks fantastic! I will certainly bookmark your blogs for future travel to Playa. Great info. thanks so much for sharing your experience. Cheers to you & your family.
21st January 2013

Enjoy your fun...
Hi Cindy! Thanks for your kind words! I hope you get to Playa; I will give you much more info if you go!! All the best, keep in touch.
22nd January 2013

Thank you so much for letting me tag along during your vacation. I love reading your blogs, I love the pictures. You do a fabulous job! Also thank you and Ava for the gifts for Sammie, right when she got in from school Monday evening she ran up to me and said look what Ava brought back from Mexico for me. She loves her bracelet and sea shells. Thank so much, you girls are truly to sweet xox
22nd January 2013

Ava did the shopping...She may have forgotten a few friends but she's got lots of shells to hand out!
24th January 2013

OMG You went home??? lol
Sally, I read your dates on your blog wrong. I thought you were here until this weekend. So sorry I missed you. But I will for sure call Monica and book a massage. I am here for another two months.....don't hurt me...lol We will have to hook up back in Canada. I get to Ottawa and would love to meet you!!! Stay warm, I hear it is bitterly cold there right now. As you know the only thing frozen here are the margarita's, but I'll have one for just for you!! Adios, PS I really enjoyed reading your blogs!!!
24th January 2013

OMG you went home?
Yes Debbie, we're home darn it and it's nasty nasty cold. The coldest I've ever recalled coming home. Please get Monica and make sure you have a few of those dandy massages. Perhaps you and Ann can come to visit me and we'll have a margaita; won't be the same as Playa though ;( Enjoy every minute ok?! Sal

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