Our Anniversary Dinner @ AJUA MAYA!

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January 20th 2013
Published: January 20th 2013
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Hi all, well we finally got back to AJUA Maya where we hosted our wedding here in Playa. AJUA MAYA has moved locations and we weren't sure what to expect, and despite it not being the same feel, we had a great night there, mostly in part to the wonderful staff, who are the same as we had the night of our wedding.

What a great night, great food, lots of laughs, and overall probably one of the best restaurants in Playa.

The staff are SO much fun, carrying drinks to the table on their heads, playing jokes on us... YES I said drinkS; more than one at a time. Don't try this at home folks!

They make your Caesar salad at your table and it was fantastic. Their specialty is "flambee", and they do an amazing job. Al had a flambeed medium rare steak in a corn-truffle brandy & red wine sauce. He said he almost didn't need to cut it, it was so tender. They completely understand how to cook steak.

I had grilled lobster tail which was fantastic. Ray & Pat both had grilled shrimp, all a big hit. They gave us a free round of drinks on the house, which was very thoughtful including the flambeed specialty coffees which I have posted a video of. Amazing show all around.

What a bunch of jokesters; extremely hospitable, and we enjoyed every moment of our anniversary dinner there.

Thanks Victor, Enrique, Tiger (as in Woods!), Pedro for such a fantastic night...

As Arnold Swarchneggar said, we'll be back! Hasta la vista!

Here's some photos to take a look at!

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20th January 2013

You're making me hungry
Wow, all those pictures of food are making me hungry. Looks so yummy! I hope you had a fabulous time. We'll see you soon. xo
21st January 2013

Anniversary dinner
Hey Sue you can only imagine how good it tasted if it looked that good!!
21st January 2013

YUMMY for sure!!!!
I'll take the flambeed steak in Brandy sauce...pleeeeeeeeeeease. ;-) Wow, you sure know how to enjoy this life and the next. BTW...-22 today and feels like - INSANITY. Enjoy the ocean for us today.Maybe i will feel the long distance warmth. xo Love and smiles all the way from Arctic Ottawa.
21st January 2013

Yummy dinner
It was pretty fantastic. They know how to treat their guests right!
21st January 2013

YUMMY for sure!!!!
They treat you right because not only are they good service people, but also because YOU know how to appreciate their service. You are generous, kind, respectful and witty. That is an AWESOME Epic Fun memory building meal.
21st January 2013

I suppose showing appreciation goes a long way in every part of life. They were loads of fun too!
22nd January 2013

WOW, just WOW look at all the amazing food. I must say Al's steak looks really good, almost made me jump through the computer. Glad your enjoyed your night there, another great memorable night for you all xo
24th January 2013

Where is the new location?
Hi Sally, it's me again. I am still hoping to hook up with you before you leave playa. I walked down to Luna on Sunday but couldn't find you. Send me a message and let me know when you around and if you are free to chat a bit... Thanks, Debbie

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