Marth's Deep Sea Fishing Trip

Published: July 11th 2012EDIT THIS ENTRY

Before I forget, I wanted to make sure I posted about Martha's annual deep sea fishing trip with her buddies, Captain Bartolo, and first mate Gilberto. They left at 7 am & they put out five lines to see what they could catch. They trolled for about four hours and she succeeded or was very lucky in catching a 20 kg sailfish (it's quite the magnificent looking thing!) Note the top of the fish which is known as it's sail or fin which is amazing to look at. Normally kept folded when swimming, but the "sail" iwill be raised when it feels threatened or excited. Just so you know, the sailfish was a catch and release and was not hurt in any way. Marth also caught a mackeral that weighed approx. 10 pounds or so.

She came back thrilled to pieces. They took the mackeral to Yan Tens to cook it, and guess what? They made a fresh ceviche which even Martha liked. They prepared enough to share with a few guests here at Luna. The guys were so hot we invited them to have a beer with us and they were thrilled to get out of the heat. We had some great laughs with them. They always laugh when Marth's booking her fishing trip, and I ask them, "How much would it cost to take Marth realllly far out to sea? Like two days away out to sea far"!!! Hahahaha...if you can't joke with family/friends well who can you joke with?

PS by the way they posted a youtube clip of her fishing when she was here this past Feb. She is shown as the title describes, "jiggling an amberjack fish" (frankly it sounds rude) and she was thrilled to see herself on youtube. SO here she is, Marth THE movie star!! See clip and pics below (click on them to see them enlarged!)

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