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January 29th 2012
Published: January 29th 2012
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"Como es tu dia" (how is your day?)

Well, where did we leave off? OH, Martha. Well Marth had quite the deep sea fishing expedition! She was taking out by Captain and the skipper (Gilligan)....OK, it wasn't Gilligan (hee hee) but there were two of these professionals and they worked hard to get Marth her big catch!

They have a line with a big lure with a single hook on it. Then they drop it down to the bottom of the ocean (around 300 feet) and then they JIG. No, that doesn't mean Irish dancing on a boat 😉, it means pulling up the line sharply about 20-30 times by reeling in the line. Those guys were sweating up a storm. This is to attract the fish's attention. Then if your lucky, it lunges at the lure, and then the mate sets the hook by pulling it a few times hoping it catches in the fish's mouth. Then the battle's on as once the fish is on the lure, watch out. Then they gave the line over to Marth to take over, while she actually is seated in a chair (next to her beer cooler) and hangs on for dear life with the fishing rod attached via a belt, while the fish pulls Martha all over the ocean. After 15-20 minutes, she had got an amberjack fish. It weighed around 24 pounds. Martha was happier than a dog with two tails. So be sure to take a look at Martha's pictures and make her day. PS my brother Barry asked "what did she do with the fish"...sorry I meant to say, the fisherman work with Yen's that little great restaurant we found a few doors down. They will clean and fillet the fish for us. They will give us a nice size fillet for 6 adults, and cook it with lime, garlic, spices & herbs. Since it's so big, the staff will get to take the rest home for their families! So we will be eating fresh fish tonight courtesy of Marth!

Otherwise, while Marth was being Captain Hook of the seas, we were up at 8 to get over to the ferry for 9 am. However, turns out the ferry to Cozumel runs every hour EXCEPT 9 am. Then that's when we noticed Rory had a fairly bad burn on her face and her face was actually swollen (this is a bit more detail than I left yesterday). So we stopped at the pharmacy and the cream we got was like magic. Within an hour or two her face was much improved.

Ava and her little friend Brooke from another condo were out in the ocean with their grandparents, and Ava was doing great surfing, till one wave gave her a toss up, and she took in some water, and hit her head on the board. Nothing too serious, but her reaction was hilarious (once we realized she was fine). She was prettty shook up, sputtering & coughing, mad as a wet hornet and between the eye rolling and hand gestures we got the whole dramatic story!

After a full day of fishing and surf, we went back to Luna Rossa Italian Bistro where we dined last year. The owner got our table all set up, and when we told him we wanted a mix surf and turf combination like we had last year, he came back with a display of food all arranged on a platter (raw) just to to show us what we'd be getting. WELL, it was fantastic. We had grilled shrimp, steak, lobster, clams, tuna, salmon, grouper, baked potatoes, rice, a huge salad and freshly made buns. And they included a bottle of Pinot Grigio on the house (how did they know my brand???)! It was a great dinner and we really enjoyed the fun attentive service of the staff.

On our way back home, I took Al by the bar where they have hockey games and bless the owner's heart, he had the Ottawa Sens all star skills game on last night. So I told him to stay at the pub, and I brought the kids back to the condo. The owner is from Montreal, and there seemed to be a big group of French Canadians there. Al enjoyed having a beer in Mexico, in the middle of the hopping nightlife while the Sens were playing.

We ended the night sitting by the pool, very nice except there was a party going on next door on the patio. Some new folks had just arrived. Generally it's very quiet around here. Haven't seen those folks yet, they're probably nursing a hangover while we're all bright eyed and bushy-tailed.

Don't forget to take a look at those fishing pics, and the pics of our day yesterday.

Off to the beach, 9:30 to enjoy the quieter part of the day!

PS hello to the Dicksons, and big thanks for taking care of our house! We wouldn't be here if we didn't have you there helping out! I hope it hasn't snowed too much?! We appreciate it and will make it up to you!

The ocean is a mighty harmonist

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29th January 2012

Fish Story
what did Marth do with the fish?
29th January 2012

Fish story
This small restaurant on the other side of us, Yen's that I've written about, they work with the fisherman to cook your fish for you, for about $5 or $7 Canadian. They clean and fillet it, and they will cook it with limes, garlic and spices. Should be quite cook. The rest is given to the staff, based on the size of the fish!
30th January 2012

The Big Fish
Hey Martha, Congratulations my Friend...that's quite the big fish! Hey what's going on did Ray and Al want to go? Always thought it would a thrill of a lifetime for men. Hope Rory is feeling better. Ok Sal, time to spice up the blogs, you need to add some of your funny sayings...Glad to see everyone is enjoying themselves including those that "inhale" the sea water (Ava).
30th January 2012

Big fish
hey manon,OK, I´ll do my best to spice it up and thanks for the email xoxoxo

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