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January 28th 2012
Published: January 28th 2012
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Buenos dias friends!

All's great here in this part of the world. It's almost like time stops here. I guess when you get up around 7 am, by 11 am you're thinking it's got to be at least 1 or so. (so you can have that first big drink of the day!!)

We haven't been too motivated to do much. We thought Sat. would be the day to take the ferry to Cozumel and to Paradise Beach. But due to Rory having a sunburn (see later) we decided to move it to another day. So we'll just take it easy (AGAIN). If we were paid to do nothing, we'd be darn rich now!

We toured around Playa yesterday, checking out more streets, restaurants and bars. We stopped at an Italian pasty shop, Pasterleria Italia and couldn't believe the pastries and cakes! Beautiful artwork! We came home with all sorts of goodies.

We ended up having 2 for 1 drinks at Yan's again, and got chatting with Louis our waiter. His ex lives in Toronto along with his 18 month old child. He's trying to get visitation with the child and is hoping to see her in May. Very sad not to be able to see your kids. He got an extra tip from us to help him with his flight home...(Martha doesn't know this yet but she's missing $50 from her wallet....hahahahaha, just kidding Martha; we only took $20 for Louis!)

We grilled some chicken and ribs last night, and just had a quiet night watching "Mr.Holland's Opus" which was pretty good, with Richard Dreyfuss. Later after the kids went to sleep, we listened to the band next door at Fusion and had a late night swim in the warm pool; the pool is lit up with lights and you feel the warm night air and the crash of the waves..beautiful. There was a quick thunderstorm, and heavy rain, then it moved past and the evening was spectacular.

Despite chasing the kids to put the bleeping sunblock on, Rory suffered a fairly bad burn on her face. We picked up an antibiotic ointment cream highly recommended by the pharmacist, so Rory's out of commission for a day or so. The rigors of a tropical vacation.

Pat and mom are enjoying the massages here; $22 for one hour from Monica who is Odin's wife (our beach server). They claim it's the best massage they've ever had. In fact, it's about 10:30 am and mom is on the list to go next! As you can tell, life's very hard here 😉

It's about 85 with little wind today, and the beach is getting busy. Odin has set up our loungers and our cooler is packed, and our books are lined up!

Marth got up at 7 this morning to go deep sea fishing. APPARENTLY she's convinced she's coming back with some big kingfish...I haven't seen her yet, but something tells me if she doesn't catch anything, she may be making a sneaky trip over to the fish store to buy a fish so she has something to show for what she paid to go out on the ocean (hahaha)! Hopefully she'll remember to take it out of the bag with the price on it 😉

Well sheesh I'd better run, there's a margarita with my name on it!! Later we are taking a walk to get some Chinese food. We found a little Chinese take out place. Combos go for around $3.50 can't beat that with a stick. It's nice to mix up the food here, which is so international that you can eat the same as you would at home (Thai, Italian, Japanese, Chinese) and of course the best Mexican food you'll ever taste. We are having THE best fresh yogurt smoothies we've ever tasted.

Hope you are all well and it's not too cold at home. Drop us a line...we miss you all! See all the pictures below!
OH and some of you said you weren't receiving my blogs. Check your spam, they seem to be going in there (according to the 3 Al found in there...)

PS We were out shopping early this morning, and I had been looking at flippers for the kids. We left the store, and I'm walking along and realize I am holding a mesh bag of sand toys...that I hadn't PAID for. OMG, so I rush back with it in case they alerted the authorities. No one was any the wiser when I put it back on the rack. Apparently my criminal side is coming out. Hopefully my face on a "wanted poster" is a flattering picture.

"On the beach, you can live in bliss". Dennis Wilson

Signing off for now,

Margarita Queen

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28th January 2012

Love to read your posts. I am not going south this year, so it is nice to read about your adventures. Looks like everyone is having a good time. Great to see that wonderful smile of Joan's.
28th January 2012

Hi Shawn!
Great to hear from you! It is my great hope not to be boring the heck out of all of you! Just hope to share our love of Playa with everyone!

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