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January 25th 2011
Published: January 26th 2011
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Ganesha: Hindu god outside a gallery
Well finally a really sunny day here and by that I mostly mean that Lara has started to finally feel better. She woke a bit shaky but throughout the day gradually improved. It's hard to be away from home and have a sick child with a serious virus. It's also hard to be without Al who I confer with about everything in our daily lives but mostly about our children. I knew from Sat on that despite Dr Carlos words that this was going to be a bad bout that she'd really have to fight. When he couldn't advise me if I should change our flights, I called the always amazing Dr. Moore in Ottawa & she gave me some solid advice & lab tests to have taken, but she also said it was my judgement call in the end.

When Dr. Carlos came last night just as a courtesy call (which he's done 3 times without a charge) he told me I made the right decision with Lara's slow improvement. (A mother's instinct should always be trusted I swear.)

Lara has been a true gem despite all she's been through. She's tried to participate in everything but this

Same gallery
nasty virus kept wrestling her to the floor so to speak. (I also didn't mention how sick she was as she would've had two really concerned grandpas at home).

After the decision to change our flight, we finally started to relax and prayed Lara would wake feeling better Tues. After checking on Lara who had a good night, Marth and I got up early to run a few errands and took a nice walk up fifth all the way to almost 38th & then walked back on the shore. What an amazing sunny and very hot day; by 10 am it was 35! All the beaches here are busy by 10 am, but it's still a nice relaxing walk with no shortage of things to see. Just the sound of the birds, the waves and feeling the warm sun is enough to keep a person going for a full year till we can get back here.

Grandma Robusky flew out today and the girls were especially sad to see her leave. She has a long enough day ahead of her arriving around 11pm tonight in Calgary. Talk about culture shock! As we were walking to the beach Ava

Marth & a cool African carving
was kinda in a bad mood. I asked her what was wrong and she said, "HELLO mom, I miss grandma"?!?!?! So sweet...Don't even get her started on missing daddy but we've had Skype which is a great program!

We (including Lara) had a full beach day today, with good food, surf, and just hanging out. Lara was a bit listless but finally said the "heck with it" and went into the sea to catch some waves with auntie. Nanna stayed at the condo & enjoyed the tropical warm breezes & decided to help with laundry..(thanks nanna and grandma for doing our laundry throughout the two weeks. It really is nice to have a washer/dryer in the condo to get it done before traveling home.)

We went back out to our fabulous restaurant from last night, Luna Rossa on Constituyentes. Tonight's special was a large pizza and wine for $7 which I totally enjoyed. This small beautiful Italian restaurant is a real find here. They remembered us from last night which I'm never sure is a good or bad thing? The service was top notch and so much fun too. We enjoyed fresh Caesar salad, pastas, pizza and &

Pier at Constitutionetes ava
before long we were laughing so hard about everything and nothing. Sometimes I can just look at mom and she laughs & then well I laugh and then it's just a ripple effect. We walked home down 5th and the girls got smoothies. Another bow on top of a "gift" day.

It's 11 pm and we are all tuckered out. Lara asked for a late night hot tub but I was feeling tired & just wanted to read. HOWEVER, knowing she feels better I've decided to sneak in her room & invite her for a late night swim. The air is so warm with a nice breeze and swaying palm trees with twinkling lights all around the grounds. Any of you want to join us??? (PS after our late night swim we came back & Nanna had almost locked us out; lordy it's hard work trying to act like a teenager!)

Weather's here wish you were beautiful 😊

PS Nanna called to extend her health coverage & guess what? A good portion of our accommodation, meals and her flight will be paid for...Hoping to see Lara enjoy a few days of just being a kid! Thanks

Early morning jet ski

"cada nube tiene un revestimiento de plata"
(Every cloud has a silver lining)...

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Rory "chillaxin"

Aunti Marth & Lara beachside massages

Walkway to Lido our beach bar

Nanna and Panama (yes that;s where he's from!)

Marth lapping it up

Grandma leaving :(

Ava twirling to the music



OK, acting up with the fresh buns from the kitchen

Magnified to see MIss Rory

Ava diggin' in!


26th January 2011

Looking good Lara
Great to see your better Lara.
26th January 2011

getting home
Well it was a long and tiring trip to get back to Calgary. Long cab ride to Cancun airport, long check-in lineup, long wait until the plane loaded up, a long, fortunately uneventful, flight to Toronto, long walk to Customs, and due to turning the wrong way after Customs, a long walk to finally find the correct gate for my long flight to Calgary. But it did make the 40 minute drive home seem short for a change. Glad to hear you are finally feeling better Lara. Enjoy your last full day guys. Love Grandma

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