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May 26th 2015
Published: May 27th 2015
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It feels like Washington right now. Its both kind of nice and also chilly since I´ve already acclimated. The weather can change here as fast as it can change at home. The past few days haven´t been so bad, but its gone from almost 90° hot and sunny to heavy rain and dark clouds and/or thunder multiple times. I like it.

My days have been very relaxed and lovely. If I don´t go to 8:30 yoga down the street, I can sleep in as late as I want! I miss making coffee and being at Enzos, but it sure has been a while since I´ve had this kind of schedule and Im loving it. I´ve communicated with different eco village and healthy communities with the focus being practice in yoga, meditation, natural diet, and service. Some of these communities keep a regular schedule of being up as early as 6am, so I´m taking advantage of all the lazy mornings I can. I´ve been trying to eat as well as a home (if not better), but I´m finding myself drawn to crappy food more often here than at home haha. Some if it is honestly better here though. Though sugar is a huge part of the Mexican diet (leading in numbers nationwide with diabetes), I don´t see high fructose corn syrup when I look at nutritional facts, even in soda. I feel like some of the processing hasn´t reached the same degree of ick that our country has, then again maybe I´m being just hopeful. The cheetos, pringles, doritos, are all better. Mexicans don´t put up with it when companies making their products bland over time. Also, the bags are totally full, none of this ¨1/3 packaging air¨ nonsense. I have been eating a lot of fruit though and its pretty cheap here.
Tomorrow I go to my first aerial class here. I'm super stoked! I've missed my hoop so much. It's at 5:30 pm and far enough away that I'll need a taxi or bus to get there. It's been a few weeks since I've played on my silk or hoop, and considerably longer since regular practice so I hope there isn't too much physical catching up to do.
Today some of us vegged out on the couch for a game of thrones season 5 binge-athon. It was awesome. The afternoon was chilly, grayish and raining on/off so it was perfect.
A little bug bit me today, twice. Just a little fly thing while I was sunbathing with a kind girl from VA on the roof. There was the whole roof and yet he came over to my blanket and harassed me to no end. I should probably go to bed and try my best to recover the anthropodic assault.
It's midnight here so it's about that time anyway. Goodnight

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