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May 14th 2012
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Nuestra Nueva Clase/C1Nuestra Nueva Clase/C1Nuestra Nueva Clase/C1

To the left in this photo is Ita, our maetra and, to the right, Lindsey, who volunteers with EnVia and is finishing her classes en espanol. She is from New York.
Hola Todos,

It is time for me to do another entry in my blog if I am going to do it before it is time for me to leave for home. I have mixed feelings about my impending departure. Even though I have been here for so much time I am finding that I am running out of time to do many of the things that I would like to do. I did however the past weekend get to go to Juquila where there is an iglesia where the Virgen Mary is supposed to have apeared. Thousands of people make the pilgrimage to this pueblo to make "promesas" to the Virgen, that is to ask for a favor and in return to promise to make trips to visit her at the iglesia. This weekend there were many people there from many different places in Mexico. It was an example of mexican cultura. I took many pictures and I will include them in my next blog entry.

I thought that I would be able to upload videos of the Womens Band in the Zocalo but no luck this time. I guess it was pure luck last time.

I also
Itandehui Concepcion Gonzalez JimenezItandehui Concepcion Gonzalez JimenezItandehui Concepcion Gonzalez Jimenez

Born and raised in Oaxaca. She graduated from Instituto Technologico de Oaxaca with a Licenciatura (B.S.) in Business Administration. At present her desire is to have children and to own her own home. She has been married for one year.
have photos of my new class (last Monday). I was able to ge the information on the instructor with her photo but the the area would not contain the information on Lindsey. But Lindsey graduated from New York University with a degree in Individual Studies, The Theory of Cultures focused on Indigenous Cultures. She also studied music at NYU. She now volunteers with EnVia, ICO's microfinancing program for the poor in the surrounding pueblos....una muy buena mujer.

This Monday we have 3 new additions, two law students from University of Michigan and an 83 year old retired college professor from Oregon. They all speak marvelous Spanish. I think I can learn much from them....but for now photos of my last week's new class.

More to come later!

Additional photos below
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Lindsey ShillehLindsey Shilleh
Lindsey Shilleh

Lindsey is from New York where she attended public school and later attended New York University with a major in Individual Studies in Theory of Cultures, focused on Indigenous. She also studied music. She volunteers with EnVia, the microfinance organization of the school.
Un Artista de HiloUn Artista de Hilo
Un Artista de Hilo

This guy was doing an art piece with thread. It is a picture of Santo Domingo and the area around it.
La Banda de Mujeres el DomingoLa Banda de Mujeres el Domingo
La Banda de Mujeres el Domingo

This is a band of women. In May the women are celebrated. I am including a couple of clips of the band playing.

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