051121 THE Salsa night... ooh and other dances

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November 22nd 2005
Published: November 22nd 2005
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salsa and hiphop angiesalsa and hiphop angiesalsa and hiphop angie

(l-r)angie, me, emma, roshni
051121 THE Salsa night... ooh and other dances

I sit here in an empty class room, after 45 mins sleep in a slight relaxed rush to finish my final project for my 7am ‘Life Drawing’ which conveniently moved to 8:30, i mean I could’ve made breakfast.... forget the sleep! Lol

Anyways, last night was the most magical night of my life.... lol no, not really... but it sure was fun, after a semester of salsa (which mind you, secretly, I think it’s the most I’ve acquired in the sense of knowledge here ...) life lesson on the other hand... come everyday 😊

SO final night, and we were the final act! Two shows the second was PACKED out and the auditorium is .... pretty gigantic... like double the size of the Auckland Girls Grammar one. Ya huh! I though Diego(me salsa partner y amigo) and i did smashingly since we learnt the routine in a week (unmotivated son of a guns) where everyone had their good month. But we visit art galleries and stuff instead!!! So that was my justification. I must commend TEC de MONTERREY on their extra curricular activities though, for the lack of education academically...
diego & idiego & idiego & i

the full shabang
100% don’t seem as special when you get it 100% of the time ... (exaggerating... but you get the drift, it’s more like 99%) lol ... seriously Ann na... people like you would teach here 😊 and better too! Anyways, yes I think I’ve learnt more from kickboxing, salsa, fitness classes, and other stuff that i can’t remember doing, than the majority of... wait, I LIE. I HAVE learnt stuff... but the push to learn more isn’t there.... not from the teachers. I usually push them... which may be considered a very ‘jade’ thing to do.... but oh so true.

ANYWAYS I’ll let the fotos speak for themselves.... excuse the blurry-ness, but being the biggest group with nearly 100 people dancing at once... please try and understand 😊

Nos vemos
Mucho amor!

jade 😊xo

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diego & idiego & i
diego & i

the support crew!!!the support crew!!!
the support crew!!!

(mix) harry, pinky, amanda, otonio, michael, mikko, me, caro, diego, jorge, piroshka, christian .... and about 1000 of them went home :)

22nd November 2005

hmmm...you can come back and have a little jade's salas class soon. Wooohooo
24th November 2005

Wowzahs, man! Were you on stage amidst all of that? Whatta special guy! You look pretty good in that dress as well! Cool for you, now you can come and J-Lo it in the clubs in Auck. lol SUCKA! Have fun!
24th November 2005

aww look at you in your little white dress like ur going to your 'debutante' ball (i saw one like it on the oc) u look v. pretty darling
26th November 2005

Oh Jade...you look beautiful! ...or even more beautiful!!! hehe, u get to keep the dress ;) heheeh...oh...woudn't mind a red shiny shirt..if there were any...u know..lying around :D Jeez, you'll have amazing stories to tell all your cats. :P soryy. all your 73 grandchildren! wooh

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