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November 23rd 2005
Published: November 23rd 2005
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Yay… last day of school!!! And my emotions just turned from super happy to super not….

Was a busy day…. Had minimal sleep, no breakfast, hand in a final assignment for ‘life drawing’, had a final presentation for advertising and I slipped a free luncheon in with the dean of international offices. Oh and not to mention my friend that was travelling with me (keyword: WAS) is not anymore… it’s fine, I understand that she doesn’t want to miss Christmas at home for the second time in a row…. But situations like these forced me into living life without expectations, especially with people. ‘The higher you rise, the harder you fall right?’

*sob *sigh *shit happens
So what now? It’s still all go! Just another obstacle Jade has to encounter ‘life’s not meant to be easy after all’

Hmmm so I gues I’ll give you a brief run down on the what, who, what I guess.
04 Dec - Monterrey > Chihuahua
05 - Creel/ Copper Canyons
El fuerte/ Los Mochis
11 - Baja California/ La Paz
13 - Mazatlan
18 - Tequilla
19 - Mexico City
24 - Acapulco
26 - Puerto Escondido
27 - Oaxaca
advertising professoraadvertising professoraadvertising professora

she matches like crazy... they all do!!! it's conspiracy, however entertaining everytime you go to class

30 - Quintana Roo

2 Jan - Cuba
9 - Guatemala
19 - Costa Rica
26 - Panama
30 - Mexico City or Monterrey

5 Feb - Texas
11 - Los Angeles
14 - Tahiti
17 - HOME

yup…. So that’s about it …. I’m tired just thinking of it ☺ but so much more excited that it cancels the first one out.

Anyways… any questions? Feel free to ask … answering them however, is a whole ‘nother thing 😉


p.s I know the photos are totally irrelevant… BUT I understand us visual people like looking at pretty things…. So this one’s for you 😉

Additional photos below
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the drawing of the strokesthe drawing of the strokes
the drawing of the strokes

it's amazing what you can do with pens and market and pencil... hi 5 to this dude
akbar - otra shisha place!!!! :)akbar - otra shisha place!!!! :)
akbar - otra shisha place!!!! :)

the green blur, is a holographic projection of an aquarium on the wall.. o0o0o00o
akbar - otra shisha place!!!! :)akbar - otra shisha place!!!! :)
akbar - otra shisha place!!!! :)

us and the three random white guys (michael ironically being one of them)
breakfast timebreakfast time
breakfast time

the sausage is infused with jalapenos and cheese ... mmm MMM

monterrey's art musuem where the art final exam
composition classcomposition class
composition class

shelf sculpture
composition classcomposition class
composition class

canvas creation.... so cute (is this suppose to be in "uni?")

23rd November 2005

Heyyyy! Yea pictures are what its all about - 1000 words and all that. Now... to be *perfectly* honest with ya, I'd probably go for the sausage with japalapeno and cheese b4 i'd go for that other shit. Not because i'm all 'not willing' to try new things or any thing like that, but because i'm hungover and theres two things that are good for hangovers. Spicy shit, and solid shit that goes down like a brick - heyyyy a sausage filled with spicy shit! THAT.... is culinary genious. Ok well, as usual I don't have anything 'specific' to say... ohhh - other than that I got a job over summer doing promo work for charities. Its not coca-cola or a massive brand like that with bikini chicks etc... but it *is* kinda cool to be making money *and* a difference I guess. Anyway yea - see you!!! hugsszz and all that shit... bye!! =op
23rd November 2005

Home time
My darling Jade, I'm sure you will have a great time in the rest few months, and meet more cool ppls. However, we are all looking forward to see you back again, it's been too long...
24th November 2005

WHERE ARE MY DOGS, CRONE?!? LoL! Nah just joking... But I really do want to see more pictures of dogs Jade, I really do. Looks like you've got a very busy schedule, Miss Busy-Bee (lol, whatta 5 year old styles) AND I like your art too! Can see the NZ influence. Bloody awesome I say. Good luck for your assignments andd all, my last exam is next Tuesday! =S Happy Camping! Steve
24th November 2005

gotta love tequilla!!
Glad to see uve set aside a whole day (18 dec) just for drinking tequilla lol :) hehe
24th November 2005

travelling alone bunny? u best be careful! oh i cut my hair this morning... not bad i guess but i regret every hair cut
26th November 2005

1) How is it that you're travelling so much? 2) Were all these trips planned pre-flight to Mexico? 3) What does it smell like where u are?

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