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North America » Mexico » Michoacán » Sahuayo July 6th 2010

Time flies when you're having fun. I remember, somewhere near the beginning of my stay in Mexico, sitting on the bed in my new room and thinking 'I'm going to be sitting here, in the same place, in 6 months time thinking where did the time go?'. So obviously my psychic abilities are improving because that's exactly what I've done! I don't know where the time has gone. I can look back at a list of places I've been to and know I've seen alot of the country, I can flick through hundreds of photos and see all the things I have done and people I've met; but the daily life in Sahuayo seems to have slipped by so fast and what I am really going to miss is my life here in Mexico; my friends, ... read more
In the plaza
View from my window
The shoes Sahuayo is famous for

North America » Mexico » Michoacán » Sahuayo March 22nd 2010

The kids of Sahuayo were out on the streets today to welcome Springtime. I remembered my Spanish teacher telling me about it in a lesson several weeks ago and one of my students told me on Friday she wouldn't be in class becuse she was going to watch her neice in the parade so I was very excited. I got to school and Colin had already been ahead of me and asked if we could leave lessons for a few minutes to take some pictures. I went to check with the principal that I was allowed to go, only to see Kim walking out with her students already! I chased after them and we got to the parade on the next street which had only just started. We were squealing at the cutesness straight away. The ... read more
Little aristocrats
All in red
Little girl in white

North America » Mexico » Michoacán » Sahuayo February 10th 2010

The monument of Cristo Rey dominates the city of Sahuayo and the figure of Jesus stands at the top of the monument, outspread arms embracing the city below. I visited the monument my first weekend in Sahuayo but the delay in publishing this blog is due to the near impossibility of finding out the significance of this monument. Colin showed me the route to Cristo Rey with the good advice of 'don't do it in heels or flip-flops'. I might have managed it in the latter but I probably would have broken an ankle in the former. We followed the road up the steep hill towards the sanctuary of Guadalupe. We briefly visited the church but as a service was in progress we couldn't view the interior. After the church the road grew increasingly steep and ... read more
Cristo Rey
Saint Jose Sanchez del Rio

North America » Mexico » Michoacán » Sahuayo January 29th 2010

I got quite a welcome to Sahuayo today. It was my first day of work officially as I had a meeting at school with the principal and the director of the school. Colin and I sat through 2 hours of how to plan lessons, mark exams and grade students and got through two packets of biscuits at the same time. Sent of with my contract in hand we were told to return in the afternoon to collect our text books. It was as we were returning we realised the noise on the street was louder than usual and as we walked towards the school we were soon confronted with a major traffic jam...caused by a huge parade. Colin stated calmly that this is quite a regular event and sooner or later there will always be a ... read more
The red team!
The yellow team are coming!
The Green team!

North America » Mexico » Michoacán » Sahuayo January 28th 2010 new home. Formally known as Sahuayo de Morelos the town is situated in the state of Michoacan, near the southern shore of Lake Chapala. It has a population of almost 60,000 and is known for its traditional sandals (huraches) and hats (sombreros). The name Sahuayo is from the Náhuatl language, and has been interpreted as several different things; however, the favoured definition as translated by Dr. Don Antonio Peñafiel, is that is composed of two elements: tzacual and ayoti. Tzacual is an earthenware vessel shaped by half of a coconut and ayoti means turtle. Thus 'Sahuayo is 'a pot that looks like a turtle'. The turtle is the symbol of Sahuayo. The first inhabitants of the area were of Aztec origin. Later the region was conquered by the P'urepecha (known as the Tarasco by the ... read more
View of the church in the evening
The symbol of Sahuayo

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