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April 25th 2019
Published: April 25th 2019
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Birria - it has nothing to do with beer. But it does have a nice ring to it: BEERRRR ee ya. Trill those R's.

Birria is a sort of stewy dish made traditionally from goat. We have a strong suspicion that those gringos who turn up their noses at the very mention of it: (A) have never tried it, AND (B) do so simply because of the idea of eating a trash-consuming goat. Well to that, I say 'baaaaaaaaa."

We got an invitation from our friends, the Reids, who we will be replacing at a house sit in Jocotepec. They have their own bolg So off we go walking to El Tartamudo Birria Restaurant. Mexicans are fond of nicknames (sobrenombres). If you are fat or skinny, you will be called Flaco or Gordo, and it is not meant to be insulting. It is exactly what you are. If you are born with fair skin, you are Guero or Guera. In the case of this birria place, Tartamudo means "the stutterer." Again, not meant in any way to be insulting, but you can bet that the guy who opened this place had a speech impediment. I remember friends of mine in San Luis Rio Colorado adopted a baby boy (unofficially, as they often do) and this baby looked for all the world like a baby chimp. I dubbed him El Monkey, and I guarantee you, to this day, that kid is called El Monkey.

So, was the birria good? Oh yeah. We shared a bowl and it was barely enough for us. The meat was good, but the juice it was floating in was delicious! I think next time, we get our own bowl. It was VERY cheap. Three beers, a Coke (for the designated driver) and two bowls of birria, tortillas and condiments and I think it came to 306 pesos.

Rose and I drove home and had leftover Seco for dinner. That is a Peruvian stew dish made from beef or in this case chicken. Rose makes it well, and it is ALWAYS better the second day. Then we went to bed and woke up to this glorious sunrise.

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25th April 2019

Eating hours
We walked past the Birreria again today around 4:00. It was really hoppin'. Guess that is a more popular time to eat it. So happy you came over and we tried it out together!

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