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Gotta confess. There was nothing dangerous about it. Mostly, it felt like cheating. We were armchair builders, watching our Mexican house happen in photos, two borders and 5000 kilometres away from us. All summer long, we sat in a double armchair up north, supervising complicated instalments as if they were easy, destroying and reconstructing like we were gods. But let me back up. I was the one who, after a year of looking, found the spot. Stumbling onto it, I felt goose bumps rise on the back of my neck. The house was tall and dilapidated, with a magnificent jungle in the backyard, the kind that holds promise. There was nothing redeemable about the house itself and it didn’t take much persuading to have it torn down. But the land was something else. A double lot ... read more
Painting the Facade
Rooftop Solar Collection

North America » Mexico » Guanajuato » Guanajuato April 4th 2015

We've travelled a fair few miles since our last blog post. Leaving Puerto Penasco by bus we headed to Hermosillo. According to wikipedia, there's not a lot going for Hermosillo. An industrial town in Sinaloa it sprawls across the desert and is a through-town. Indeed, when we arrived locals asked us bemusedly why we had stopped for longer than a night in the city. Well wikipedia, you haven't had the joy of staying with Miguel, an enthusiastic couchsurfing host who likes to share the secret gems of his city. This is what made our stay in Hermosillo; the nighttime bike ride through the city with 100+ locals, sound systems and chatting along the way. The concert of local music by school,university and local guitar players. The trip to San Pedro, seeing the culture of horse riding ... read more
Our first hitchhiking ride. I hope it made it home ok, it sounded quite sick...
standard Mazatlan beach action.
you know you're back on the road when you're eating tinned veg outside a supermarket at 11pm at night.

North America » Mexico » Guanajuato » Guanajuato February 24th 2015

We arrived in Guanajuto Feb 9 after a long journey through Zacatecas. Feb 10 we took a city tour. This is the only state with drinkable water and the capitol of the state. Known for the students with over 30,000 at university. Originaly built in the 1500.s after the river flooding and buildings sinking new buildings were built over top. With long tunnels joining the city. Visited Lahacienda San Gabriel de Barrera. This was the rich Spanish homestead built in the 1500.s. This area was the first to have piped plumbing. Visited the theatre Tijaiez Theoto built in 1876 by the Europeons. Beautiful and huge laced with gold. Had lunch at the hotel, visited many churches and went to the market place. Tonight we went back to town and were treated to a music festival. February ... read more

North America » Mexico » Guanajuato » San Miguel de Allende February 24th 2015

A city now of 180,000 with extreme climate change from cool to dry. Prosperous for spring water with no shortage for people. The Canal family in the 1800,s were rich from silver leaving numerous large buildings still used today for numerous businesses.... read more

North America » Mexico » Guanajuato » San Miguel de Allende November 20th 2014

In a world distracted by beheadings and Ebola, a surfeit of horrors, who can concern themselves with the disappearance of forty-three young men from a rural teachers’ college in Ayotizinapa, a small town in Mexico’s Guerrero province? Forty-three Mexican mothers, for starters. Fast-forwarding to the alleged conclusion, the nation’s Attorney General claims that the students were abducted by police by order of the local mayor, then turned over to a gang that killed them and burned their bodies before throwing their remains into a river. Some say that the government is getting ahead of itself in order to end the protests and get the public to stop demanding answers. The Arab Spring, after all, was born by one man’s brave protest and self-immolation in Tunisia. His youthful refusal to accept the status quo sparked a revolution ... read more
Disconsolate Student

===English version below=== We kregen bladzijden instructies over Tux & Remy van de eigenaars. Je begrijpt waarom als je er alle dagen bij bent.Tux is de kampioen. Hij draagt een 'thunderjacket' wanneer vuurwerk hem te veel wordt. Net buiten de stad bezoeken we het natuurgebied 'El Charco del Ingenio'. Een botanische tuin, ravijnen, waterpartijen, cactussen en mooie vergezichten over de stad. Wanneer de Amerikaanse eigenaars Kate & Roger terug zijn gaan we samen met de 'boys' op uitstap naar Atotonilco, bewonderen we een verzameling Mexicaanse kunst en gaan we lekker eten. Daarna verblijven nog een paar dagen in het centrum van San Miguel bij Laurie & David, vrienden van Kate en Roger. Daar is het elke avond feest wanneer we samen aan het koken slaan. We leren hen sabayon maken en ze raken verslaafd. We bezoeken ... read more
Kate& Roger2

===English version below=== Onze eerste Mexicaanse huisoppas opdracht is in San Miguel de Allende. Iedereen lijkt het te kennen, wil er zijn, zou er graag willen wonen. We lijken wel de laatste twee mensen die er nog nooit van gehoord hebben. Veel Amerikanen hebben het wel al ontdekt. 15% van de bevolking zijn buitenlanders. Het blijkt inderdaad een zeer speciale stad te zijn. Unesco werelderfgoed met heel veel kunstenaars, koloniale gebouwen, vele goede restaurants, hotels en culturele evenementen. We vragen ons af of de Mexicaanse charme op termijn niet verloren zal gaan wanneer nog meer buitenlanders de binnenstad bevolken ? Het weer voelt overdag aan als een mooie lentedag. 's Morgens en 's avonds kan het fris worden. Wij zijn hier om op 3 honden en een kanarie te passen. De kanarie en de waakhond Maggie ... read more
Living San Miguel housesit
Huis-house San Miguel housesit

Every now and then, it just so happens that I travel to a place without really knowing all that much about it. I might go following a recommendation from a fellow traveller or a guidebook, having read a newspaper or magazine article about the place. Or maybe I've seen a photo of it somewhere. To me, a very reliable source when it comes to places worth visiting is the UNESCO World Heritage List, which I'm slightly ashamed to admit I follow religiously. The simple reason for that is I've never been disappointed with a place I've been to from that list, and I feel that seeing those places enriches my travel life. After all, there has to be a reason why a site is inscribed, right? Amongst the 1,000+ sites on the list is the town ... read more
Great buffet lunch with tortillas
Street corner
Handsome Louie

North America » Mexico » Guanajuato » Guanajuato April 27th 2014

The first stop of my week-long trip outside of Guadalajara is the wonderful town of Guanajuato. Its history dates back to 1559, when it was founded after huge gold and silver deposits were found in the surrounding area. In the Mexican War of Independence in 1810, the town played an important role as the site of the first battle against Spanish troops, who barricaded themselves inside the public granary, before suffering a devastating defeat at the hands of the rebel army. Wandering through Guanajuato's cobblestoned lanes and alleys, which wind and twist themselves around the hillsides, I can't help but notice the decidely revolutionary feel emanating from every nook and cranny, be it from statues of important revolutionaries, commemorative plaques reminding passers-by of crucial moments, or the faces of the people, proud and reticent, seemingly ready ... read more
Huevos Rancheros
Monumento al Pípila
Plazuela Mexiamora

North America » Mexico » Guanajuato March 24th 2014

Guanajuato A prononcer "Guanaouato"sans trop insister sur "ou";en fait il faut enchaîner le tout d'un seul souffle sans s'arrêter.A éviter de prononcer le "j"comme Juan le pins...rien à voir.Bon voilà pour la linguistique,passons aux caractéristiques de cette ville qui en recelle plusieurs. D'abord une topographie tout à fait particulière qui a donné lieu à un aménagement urbain qui suit le lit du Rio Guanajuato sous la ville.Une multitude de tunnels se faufilent partout avec deux grandes artères qui vont d'est en ouest,en sens unique il va sans dire auquels se connectent des entrées et des sorties ,une autoroute quoi!. On y rencontre même des intersections....vous dis pas c'est qui c'est tu qui a la priorité??Vous devinez pas....allons ,allons un petit effort les futés,c'est pourtant simple....on est au Mexique....oui,oui vous l'avez... read more
Balcon fleuri
Oups! On rentre...
Tab-----on rencontre!!!

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