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North America » Mexico » Guanajuato » San Miguel de Allende January 19th 2017

Since I am in school in the mornings, it was Bill's task to deal with the garbage yesterday morning. The instructions in the house said the garbage collectors would come through an adjacent street around 10:00 am, ringing a loud bell. Here, one has to take one's bag of trash to the truck and hand it to a worker. Bill waited with anticipation all morning: but no garbage truck... After I got home and we had brunch, I spoke with our Mexican neighbor who told me that the truck comes at 8:00 am (and 9:30 on the opposite street) and that we would have to wait until Monday. A few minutes, she knocked at the door, letting me the truck was here! I ran down with our bags, handed them to the man in the back ... read more
A garbage truck
My classroom
School grounds

North America » Mexico » Guanajuato » San Miguel de Allende January 16th 2017

A 1948 issue of Life Magazine changed the future of San Miguel. I left off in the history of San Miguel in the 1860's, when it was well on the way to becoming a ghost town. At its height "it was one of the most important and prosperous settlements in New Spain with a population reaching 30,000. In comparison, in the mid 18th century Boston had a population of only 16,000 and New York 25,000. The town's apogee came during the transition period between Baroque and Neoclassical architecture and many of the mansions and churches have both influences. Mansions were larger than normal for a settlement of this size." (Wikipedia) What remained would stay frozen in time, as the new Mexican government, under the INAH, declared San Miguel a “Historic and Protected Town” in 1926, establishing ... read more
More colors
More colors

North America » Mexico » Guanajuato » San Miguel de Allende January 15th 2017

After a pleasantly short flight from LA on Volaris, a small Mexican airline with great service, we arrived in Leon, where the immigration line took an hour. We were the only non-Hispanics on the flight, but most of the passengers were American citizens. Our shuttle driver was patiently, but somewhat unhappily, waiting for us outside. We had an artist couple from Marfa, Texas in the van with us. Their driver had not shown up, so they asked our driver for a ride. A good friend of theirs is named Beebe, so they had noticed the "Lynn Beebe" sign right away! We ran into them again today, and will get together near the end of our stay when they return to San Miguel. Because our flight was late and and the immigration process took so long, we ... read more
California Coast
Our rental's top patio
One of our bedrooms

North America » Mexico » Guanajuato » San Miguel de Allende January 15th 2017

"The town, so the story goes, owes its founding to a few over-heated dogs. These hounds were loved by a Franciscan friar, Juan de San Miguel, who started a mission in 1542 near an often-dry river 5km from the present town. One day the dogs wandered off from the mission; they were found reclining at the spring called El Chorro. The mission was moved to this superior site." Our day started off with firework explosions at 6:00am, followed some more sleep, and then a run for me around 10:00 am..I headed for the Parc Juarez, about a mile away. Running on uneven sidewalks and cobblestones really makes you focus! I saw more and more joggers as I neared the park, both Mexicans and Anglos. The park itself is beautiful, and has local artists selling their work ... read more
Parc Juarez, on my run this morning
A very steep path up to the springs...ran part way and decided to walk...still not accustomed to the altitude!
A flower crown on a fountain

North America » Mexico » Guanajuato » Guanajuato January 10th 2017

Set off early morning traveled not far to reach the beauty of Guanajuato, we took a bypass road for several miles at 10 miles per hour rough is not the words that should be used, one wrong moment and you are toast. Heading Our first Cuaota San Fco Delric 2,3&4 Axels 180 pesos, second toll Guanajuato 50 pesos passed through many small towns in the beautiful interior of Mexico, Have arrived at Bugsaviile RV Park and off to tour the city.... read more
the Highway

North America » Mexico » Guanajuato » Guanajuato December 8th 2016

Hoewel ik in mijn vorige post schreef dat San Miguel de Allende het mooiste dorpje van Mexico is, moet ik die mening nu al weer bijstellen. Guanajuato heeft diezelfde gezellige steegjes, maar combineert dat met het chaotische stratenplan van de meeste Europese steden en een grote hoeveelheid studenten om leven in de brouwerij te houden. Bovendien had ik in Guanajuato het goede hostel gevonden, want vanaf het moment dat ik daar binnen stapte voelde het alsof ik nieuwe familie had. Ik was nog geen 30 minuten aangekomen en had net mijn spullen uitgepakt toen ze vroegen of ik mee wilde met een wandeling. Die wandeling bleek een heuse tocht naar de hoogste berg net buiten de stad waardoor ik wel een goed uitzicht kreeg van de stad. Eenmaal terug van die wandeling ontdekte ik het voordeel ... read more

North America » Mexico » Guanajuato » San Miguel de Allende December 2nd 2016

Eenmaal aangekomen in San Miguel ben ik gaan rondlopen om de stad te verkennen en dit is absoluut een van de mooiste plaatsen die ik bezocht heb. De hele stad zijn smalle steegjes en alle muren zijn behangen met bloemen of beschilderd. Ik heb gehoord dat er veel gepensioneerde artiesten wonen, maar die zijn nog aardig actief aan de stad te zien. Toen ik terug kwam in het hostel ontmoette ik een paar mensen waarmee ik een pub crawl ging doen. En toen ontdekte we allemaal fantastische westernachtige cantinas met dubbele houten klapdeuren zoals je ze normaal alleen in de film ziet. En toen we bij de tweede van deze salons aankwamen waren er al drie Mexicanen binnen die waarschijnlijk sinds de middag aan het drinken waren, want ze waren dronken om zeven uur. Toen wij ... read more

North America » Mexico » Guanajuato » Guanajuato September 27th 2016

Guanajuato is probably one of the most interesting and beautiful cities all over Mexico. I strongly recommend a visit to this fascinating city if it happens you come around North-Central Mexico. There are narrow and winding streets, stairs up to the mountaisides, churches, colonial-era mansions, houses built with colourful stones and a lot still to be uncovered underground. It is also a student town with a lot of young people hanging about in cafes and bars, it is really welcoming. When I was there some alleys of the city were closed because of construction work. My favourite point is up to the valley where you can have a wonderful view of the entire city with all its colours and mountain scenary to the background. Lose myself, this is what I love to do while travelling. Lose ... read more

Gotta confess. There was nothing dangerous about it. Mostly, it felt like cheating. We were armchair builders, watching our Mexican house happen in photos, two borders and 5000 kilometres away from us. All summer long, we sat in a double armchair up north, supervising complicated instalments as if they were easy, destroying and reconstructing like we were gods. But let me back up. I was the one who, after a year of looking, found the spot. Stumbling onto it, I felt goose bumps rise on the back of my neck. The house was tall and dilapidated, with a magnificent jungle in the backyard, the kind that holds promise. There was nothing redeemable about the house itself and it didn’t take much persuading to have it torn down. But the land was something else. A double lot ... read more
Painting the Facade
Rooftop Solar Collection

North America » Mexico » Guanajuato » Guanajuato April 4th 2015

We've travelled a fair few miles since our last blog post. Leaving Puerto Penasco by bus we headed to Hermosillo. According to wikipedia, there's not a lot going for Hermosillo. An industrial town in Sinaloa it sprawls across the desert and is a through-town. Indeed, when we arrived locals asked us bemusedly why we had stopped for longer than a night in the city. Well wikipedia, you haven't had the joy of staying with Miguel, an enthusiastic couchsurfing host who likes to share the secret gems of his city. This is what made our stay in Hermosillo; the nighttime bike ride through the city with 100+ locals, sound systems and chatting along the way. The concert of local music by school,university and local guitar players. The trip to San Pedro, seeing the culture of horse riding ... read more
Our first hitchhiking ride. I hope it made it home ok, it sounded quite sick...
standard Mazatlan beach action.
you know you're back on the road when you're eating tinned veg outside a supermarket at 11pm at night.

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