New Years Day

Published: January 2nd 2011
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House Dogs Chica and NachoHouse Dogs Chica and NachoHouse Dogs Chica and Nacho

These dogs actually are Hugo and Marias but if we leave the door open they make themselves right at home.
Hapy New Year Everyone! Took a break yesterday after staying out very late on New Years Eve. Spent the evening sitting in the Jardin people watching, there were some crazy hats out there. Lucky for us it wasn't as cold as it had been although were bundled up. Bought a small botlle of Tequilia I mean everyone else was so figured why not. That certainly took off the chill.LOL They had live music until the countdown and then things went nuts. The fireworks were really good and people had these crazy long Sparklers. All in all everyone looked to be haing fun even if they may find little brns inthe coats after getting home. Took some videos will post later on Youtube and send linkthis site only holds small ones. Yesterday didn't do to much just more walking around. Did meet a woman at her Art Gallery origially from Vietnam but grew up in Canada now makes her home here. Her name is Hannah Jarmain a beautiful petite Woman with no airs quite refreshing from any of the other locals we have met oh excuse seen as they don't look or speak to us lowly toursits. She was so generous with
My LootMy LootMy Loot

Just a little shopping preview. Looking to get some patio lights tomorrow.
her thoughts and ideas for Art we spent quite a bit of time talking with her. She is very involved in a local project promoting Art with Children. Last year she held a gallery exhibit for local children to place their art. It was really well received and she is hoping to continue it. She made a small book she sells in her store with many of the cdhildrens art. The book is called Creative Children of San Miguel. Her blogsite is go and check it out. If anyone has any ideas for helping her to continue her project please let here know as she is very receptive to any help or ideas.
Today we are off to some sports bar so Rick can watch his packers. I am hoping to do some shopping but many places are closed on Sundays. Had a fantastic breakfast brought to us from the neighbors. They just showed up this morning with food in hand. They make Tortillas on Sunday (wanted to but didn't get up in time I guess) and a Nopal salad with beans, potatoes Mexicana style, chichorones in a green sauce still out on that one and a cup of Atole de Maiz which is a creamy breakfast drink and of course Salsa and fresh tortillas very tasty. Saved Rick from making breakfast as that and juice and coffee are his deal. We are so lucky to have them near as they have really showed such warmth and given us some truly authentic food and expierences. So everyone enjoy your Sunday and keep warm.

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Outside a  BarOutside a  Bar
Outside a Bar

No we haven't gone in but looks like a happening spot. Lots of people hanging out to get in at night. I just liked the sculpture above the door.
Play Cart in JardinPlay Cart in Jardin
Play Cart in Jardin

They have these all over for the kids to buy. Cheap containers of bubble soap and wands and of course balloons. Not sure what they cost but sure to be quite cheap because they all seem to get them.
Another Cool DoorAnother Cool Door
Another Cool Door

This one was pretty fancy as the other doors of different sizes match. Ah to be well to do in San MIguel get you an amazing house but they don't come cheap here!

Just love them! Also would love to have some of the knockers they too are very cool.

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