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Well where to start. I enjoy traveling, gardening, cooking, entertaining. I would like to think I am a bit of a free spirit but I know I am also a homebody. Love to leave but love to come home. I would like to believe I am fun with a good sense of humor, maybe a bit too intense at times, usually right just ask Rick. I am crazy about my husband Rick. I hope I am a good daughter, a kind and supportive friend but most of all a decent human being, oh yeah not the least of importance I want World Peace. Thanks for looking!
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Europe » Italy » Apulia » Polignano a Mare October 8th 2015

Today started as each day has for us at our little cafe with cappuccinos and cornettes (croissants stuffed with grape jam!) Warm from the oven! We decided we would take a short boat trip along all the caves underneath the old town. WOW! The sea was rough, which we didn't like but the sun was shining and the color of the water just beautiful and so clear! We walked a bit out of town toward a small bay to catch our boat. We spent one hour which was enough but other than the rough sea and over zealous driver it was so much fun, also to see Polignano from this angle was really a sight! We hung out after the ride with a cold beer watching the locals lay in the sunshine. Then decided to do ... read more
Looking back towards old town
Bay we took boat from
Looking towards swimming area

Europe » Italy » Apulia » Polignano a Mare October 7th 2015

what I say except it's like walking around in a postcard! we left London a few days ago and arrived in Bari Italy which is a thirty minute train ride to what was our main destination! Bari is a port town located on the tip of the heel of Italy on the Adriatic Sea. Often called the breadbasket of Italy, or the jewel of Italy. Bari itself was okay, the old town was very pretty and our hotel was just beautiful! Leslie and walked around upon arriving in search of a drink and maybe a bite of food. It was quite busy with all the Italians enjoying a stroll and chatting on all the corners with friends. We found a small cafe/bar and managed to squeeze in and order drinks in our limited Italian. We spent ... read more
Beach walkway
Stunning view on the other end of town
Lovely old building

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London October 1st 2015

Even though I've only been planning this trip for a month or so, glad to be finally heading out! First stop London for a night then the next day Leslie and I are flying to Italy! After lots of research, can't help myself, I am such an armchair traveler. Our specific destination is to an ancient seaside town on the heel of Italy. "The area has been settled since prehistoric times, evidenced by archaeological excavations in the locality of Santa Barbara. It is believed to be the site of the ancient Greek city of Neapolis of Apulia, not mentioned by any extant records but attested by many coins. Remains of the Roman domination include the bridge on the Via Traiana. The former cathedral includes works by the sculptor Stefano of Putignano. In the frazione/... read more

Well been really busy so have been pretty relaxed about blogging. Since my last blog we have been to Monterrico, Antigua and back to the lake. I am sitting here in my little slice of heaven, located here on Lago de Atitlan in the small town of San Pedro. Monterrico is a small town on the Pacific coast of Guatemala. The beaches are black sand and very hot, in fact so hot you can't walk on them without shoes and even then you had best to do it early in the morning or late in the day. We stayed at a very nice place run by a Finnish man and his beautiful artist wife. They have a small place with about 11 or 12 rooms? The pool and the gardens are just amazing, so if you ... read more
Gardens on the shoreline
Just pretty!
Beautiful Garden

Our second day here at the lake. Having lots of fun exploring and walking around. Went up to the main market area this morning for some Arroz De Leche (rice milk) for breakfast. The last time I was here there were not so many cars but now seems there are so many Tuk Tuks and personal cars it is hard to walk on the road without almost getting run over. The people here are still so friendly even after being invaded with back pack travelers. They must think some are quite strange with their white skin and long hair dreads. Gla we are staying where we are which is off the beaten path and I do mean path, so nice they paved it, for so many years it was just a dirt path. Most of the ... read more
Fishing on the lake
Can't get enough of this iew!
The Volcan we are sitting at the base of

North America » Mexico » Oaxaca » Oaxaca November 9th 2012

Home Sweet Home! I love to travel but I alway's love coming home. We had a busy trip and a bad internet connection so waited to finish the blog. The trip in total was 9 days with two of them mostly travel so we really tried to cram a lot into our days without feeling like we were rushing through like crazy turists. For me it is as important when visiting a place to not only see the highlights of the area but to also get a sense of the city or area your visiting. Watching a city come awake and checking out places they are eating and just meeting people who live there. So whether your talking to a Taxi driver, waiter or someone at the hotel desk take a moment to just ask about ... read more
Inside Hotel Monte Alban
Frida's Cocina
Her Sign above her stall

North America » Mexico » Oaxaca » Oaxaca October 29th 2012

Well we have been here a few days now and it has been fun getting reaquainted with Oaxaca. Staying in the central area right on the Zacola has its ups and downs for sure. It is great watching people from our balcony that faces right onto the square with such a fabulous Church and constant activity but with that comes the noise! If you have never been to a busy city in Mexico hang on to your ear plugs because it is noisy. Right now they are setting up a huge stage for all the many events and concerts that Day of the Dead has and if the set up is any indication of how loud it can be well it is going to be hard to get any rest in the hotel that's for sure. ... read more
View from our Balcony
This is the hotel courtyard
Very Nice Service here!

North America » Mexico » Oaxaca » Oaxaca October 26th 2012

Well getting ready to fly to Mexico for a trip to Oaxaca. I have been to Oaxaca before but never for Day of the Dead. Really looking forward to seeing all the different Art, Parades and just overall Festivities. They really do it up there and suppose to be the busiest week of the year for Oaxaca. I will be traveling from mexico City by bus (Yikes 7 hours!) I will be traveling with Nick (for those who don't know him check Italy Blog). We are doing this on quite a budget but planning to have lots of fun. Did get a pedometer for the trip as I plan on walking a lot! It will be fun to document miles walked everyday. We will be staying at a popular older Hotel called the Hotel Monte Alban, ... read more

Europe » Italy » Emilia-Romagna » Reggio Emilia June 2nd 2012

Well I figured I have been back for a few days and I should wrap up my blog for this trip. I must say I had a fantastic time and really enjoyed my whirlwind trip to London and Northern Italy. Most of you probably heard about all the recent Earthquakes in Italy. Well where I was staying was right in the middle of it, however I was pretty lucky in that we arrived in Reggio Emilia the day after the first major quake and traveling on a train for the second one. Other than a jolt I missed it entirely except the bit of hysteria of the locals worried the big one may strike. My heart goes out to those that lost their homes or a worse a family member. For the most part the area ... read more
The Sculptures are so beautiful here
Bologna Portico
Looking down in Bologna

Europe » Italy » Emilia-Romagna » Reggio Emilia May 23rd 2012

A hop, skip and a plane ride from London! We had a great flight then proceeded to get on the train fro Parma to reggio emilia. Glad we came after the big Quake that happened here. There is some damage as you can expect fro an area that has such old buildings. he sad part was that at this point 7 people lost their ives and any are left without homes. For the most part everything seems to be going as usual even though several buildings have some daage and barriers surrounding them. Nick and Marks place is very centrally located with cafe's, shop's surroundng it. We wet right away to their favorite hang out spot here everyone seems so nice and welcoming. They go have coffee in the ornng, Prosecco and apertivos in the evenng ... read more
Reggio Emilia

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