San Miguel de Allende Walking Tour

Published: October 17th 2019
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This post will be mostly photographs. We took a LOT of them yesterday on our tour. The tour was put on by Patronato pro Niños, a group that helps kids with mostly medical care and transport:

The volunteer guides are mainly expats (ours was Jay) and they each have a wealth of knowledge about the history behind the buildings of San Miguel de Allende. The tour is 300 pesos per person, well worth it.

119 pictures and 3 panoramas. Enjoy.

Additional photos below
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Parroquia de San Miguel ArcangelParroquia de San Miguel Arcangel
Parroquia de San Miguel Arcangel

Possibly the most photographed church in all of Mexico.
Grackel havenGrackel haven
Grackel haven

This is a untrimmed tree, unlike the round ones with a flat top in front of the main church. These trees are hollowed out inside to deny the grackles their favorite hiding spots. They can become quite cacophonous in large groups, as well as messy.
Saint Patrick, beloved in MexicoSaint Patrick, beloved in Mexico
Saint Patrick, beloved in Mexico

A lot of history here. During the war between Mexico and the US, the Brigade of St. Patrick turned coat and went to fight for the Mexicans. Many were captured and executed.
A Little Confessional JokeA Little Confessional Joke
A Little Confessional Joke

So this little drunk dude wanders into the church and sees something like in this picture. He goes in and shuts the door. After several minutes go by, the priest taps gently on the window. The little drunk guys responds, "Sorry Buddy, no TP on this side either."

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