Published: July 17th 2009EDIT THIS ENTRY

After returning from a rainy yet beautiful dinner last night, Becca, Kara and I decided that further walking around the city just wasnt a possibility. We returned to the hostel and to our respective knitting and reading downstairs over a family-size Corona to pass the time while the rain poured down. At some point we were invited upstairs by some of our fellow hostel-mates to watch a movie... The Bucket List. Now, if you have seen this movie you will understand that it is one of the cheesiest excuses for a film that is in existence, but that perhaps the moral is worth the viewing.

Moving through life and through different experiences, if one is lucky they are able to check off the things that are important for them and move on to the next. I have been extremely lucky in this aspect, and in so many others, that I have family and friends that support me in what I want do with my time. However, as I check things off my bucket list, it only seemingly gets longer as more things are added on. Such is the life of the travel addict.

Yesterday, I was able to pull out my yellow piece of legal size paper and cross off another important item: climb to the top of the sun pyramid at Teotihuacan. This from a culture that mysteriously disappeared in 700 AD, leaving behind their glorious city for us to seek out. Running my hands along the volcanic rock used to build their palaces transported me back to a time of open marketplaces, exotic clothing, and indoor toilets with running water. (Of course I would be fascinated with that!) On the hour bus ride home with our hilarious tour guide Pepe, I mentally added several more items to my list... and look forward to crossing them off as well.


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