Mexico City

Published: August 25th 2007
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Today has been a loooong day. The tour started at 9am and we just got back now (6.30pm). But it was worth it -- I saw Frida´s house (Casa Azul aka the Blue House)! And as luck would have it, yesterday was the first day of a new exhibit of paintings, drawings and furnishings that had been locked away for 50 years! Diego Rivera said they could only be released for viewing 50 years after his death to coincide with the 100 year anniversary of Frida´s birth. There is another Frida exhibit at the Museum of Fine Art displaying her clothes and other special items which I´ll check out when I return to Mexico in August. We got to the Blue House early but by the time we left the line to get in was huge. We were very lucky to be there early and to see the exhibit because it finishes in September. I took as many photos as I could of the gardens but photos weren´t allowed inside the house.

Then we went to Xochimilco where we had lunch on a colourful canoe with what seemed like half of Mexico. Apparently it's a popular place for locals to picnic with their families. Hundreds of bright coloured canoes on this one lake, it was quite a sight and we witnessed lots of collisions.

I have another early start tomorrow -- 4.30am!! My flight to Cuba leaves at 7.00am and my tour starts that day. Hopefully I´ll sneak in a nap.


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