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September 9th 2019
Published: September 11th 2019
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It's a beautiful day in Sydney as we wait for the Wilkinsons to arrive at the airport. Predictably the train from Roseville was running late and Wilko had to wait 10 minutes for the guy beside him to finish his SMH. I believe they are currently just trying to find how to get to the Business check in from the railway station. Becs and I are having a leisurely breakfast and a champagne. The flight was uneventful with a 4 hour break in LA for our flight to Mexico City. AeroMexico Business was surprisingly good, kind of like Emirates but better, the only disappointment being that they didn't serve Mexican food.

First impressions of Mexico are very positive. Firstly everyone is very short, including our party (except Wilko) which means I can tower above most of the population. Disappointingly there are no black tights "so far" and it has disproved my theory that the lower the per capita GDP the higher the incidence of uniforms and machine guns. Cath (aka APT Tours) booked the accommodation and whilst I've been hoping for a screw up on the booking front it wasn't to be the Red Tree House in Condessa, which is the next suburb from Roma (in case you watched the movie).

So that we could get immediately in to the swing of things I booked the wrestling for tonight and we were not unhappy. It was a mix of flamboyant wrestlers many with the traditional masks, girls in bikinis and dwarf throwing which pretty much hits all the things you aren't allowed to do in Australia any more, hence the high unemployment rates amongst dwarves (Becs says I need to call them "little people" which sounds more like a book by Louisa May Alcott). There are more people "working" at the wrestling than actually watching it. About 30 scalpers outside trying to sell tickets (which you can just buy at the box office), the complete pat down on the way in, they did Becs 3 times for some reason, 2 guys to check your tickets and then the guy who takes you to your seats. Beers $3.45 which is definitely cheaper than a Schmiddy at the Glenmore. After the wrestling we walked down to a great taco place called Orinoco. The queue outside suggested it was going to be pretty good and the lovely couple behind us gave us advice and helped with the ordering. After watching Rick Stein in Mexico this was exactly what I had envisaged. The food was sensational. A selection of fillings on corn tortillas and a "gringa" which was a cheesy meat filling on a flour tortilla.

After a great sleep, a churros (well two) and an empanada for breakfast we are ready for Day 1.

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13th September 2019

Start as you mean to continue. Great blog.
Love the Wilko SMH reference.

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