Mexico City

Published: January 5th 2019
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I have not gotten any notifications that my posts are being read although 11 people have read them . Please comment to let me know who is receiving them .

Driving here from Morelia was painless . The senior fare for the 4 hours was 250 pesos @17 $ Canadian . It is interesting as the cab fare into the city (which took nearly an hour ) was 160 pesos and the charge for 2 days on the on/off bus today was 230 pesos. Well worth the money . Each of them .

It was exciting driving into the city and starting to recognize my surroundings. It is unusual for me to revisit places as there are so many more places to see in this world but they felt like the right thing to do . The hostel is where I remember it being but there have been some improvements made in the last three years. My room is comfortable and my shower is the best one I,'ve had since I left home. The zoccolo is as busy as ever. Right now a large area has many tent/kiosks showcasing Oaxaca , it,s food , crafts , liquors ...I had the Oaxaciian version of a quesadia last night and enjoyed it as lot although it , or was it me , was sloppy and I got some on my clothes. It was thick, 3 kinds of meat , cheese , sauce and nary a visible vegetable. Good .

Today I used the on-off to go out to Coroacan home of Freda Kallo . It took almost 3 hours to get there and spent the afternoon looking about , watching people and having lunch . It was quiet !,! I had forgotten how loud it is in Mexico . I am not wearing my hearing aide because I need to tone it down a little to keep my sanity. As I said earlier there are musicians every where , some good some not and ALL .loud

I took a break from writing last night to have some supper . A bowl of tortil soup at the restaurant here at the hostel . Good food , a view of the zoccolo and some possibility of English being spoken . I seem to have found a few each day . Yesterday I joined a young Brit at breakfast who chose to join me on the on-off trek out to the home of Freda Kallo . She was good company . This morning 2 young me from Montreal joined me and were happy to practise their English . To night on the way back to the zoccolo,a guy from San Diego sat with me and we chatted for the duration.

On the bus today I stopped and enjoyed to e in the Jardin Botannic . Amazing succulents as well as water gardens and an orchids house . Very large area very well done . Some signage was in English but most in Spanish . I also explored a new area Pocano as well as Chur....something. Definately an affluent area . There are a LOT of affluent areas in this city. But given a population of 23million that is to be expected.

I am getting tired of cities . So many people and so much noise . They are kind and there is respect shown but ...I am getting tired of cities.

Speaking of affluence as we were going by a high rise condo I noticed a line of cars and realized they were driving , one at a time , into an elevator which I am guessing was taking them into an underground parking lot . Lord knows there was no room for a ramp . Amazing .

Enough for now.


5th January 2019

Got one!
This is the first blog post I've recerived on this trip. I will page back but I'm pleased to hear your travels are going well. Almost beach time? Today it was above 0 here. Strange winter. B
5th January 2019

First one
This is first blog I have received. Read the others as well. Sound like another good trip.M.
11th January 2019

Received 2nd blog
Enjoyed the 2 blogs I received. I knew the population was huge but still surprised to hear about the crowds. Enjoy PV.

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