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Published: January 6th 2019
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Today it was to be a day to walk around and look at stuff . Given that it is the weekend the zoccolo and the streets were full of people. Vendors of all kinds , musicians , magicians , various indigenous groups drumming, dancing and smudging . There were also tarot card readers that all seemed to take seriously . There are 4 young Swedish boys here who seem quite overwhelm by it all . They have chosen to hang out on the 5 floor terrace away from the crowds . I do think it is culture shock .

I went looking for and found a museum I had seen last time I was here . It is a government museum of art and It holds pieces that artists have given in lieu of taxes . The act to establish it was passed in 1936 or something but it wasn't really acted on until the late 60s 70s . A good idea for all concerned . Government , artists and purveyors of art . It also has an archeological site that was revealed during the last earthquake . The city truly does have buried secrets.

I had forgotten about the glassed over "pits" in front of the cathedral. Not sure what that is about but will have to check it on line. I would say they are at least 6 feet deep and have some pretty lush greenery growing .

I continued walking up Modena a bit until the press of people was too much , took a side street and discovered a new (to me ) museum . Another exconvento which really does show its age . It was dedicated to sound ! Musical instruments , music boxes , digital music ...There were so many nooks and crannies it would have been impossible to explore them all . It was a HUGE place and not even marked on the maps I have been using .

Back on Modena , again in the midst of crowds. , so continued until art I ing at the Mexica Museum of Culture . Impressive ! It began with/in Mesopotamia and progressed through the Greeks , Romans ...Some of the statuary was as fine as I have seen anywhere. There were additional rooms and areas dedicated to Egypt , Korea , Persia ,Japan and Antolia . Then there were rooms with exhibits of the natural history o f Mexico , how death is celebrated/marked in different parts of the world . Finally an exhibit on the night life in Mexico City in the 20s and30s.

Meanwhile in the courtyard the 3 kings were greeting children as it is the weekend of the Epiphany.

Needless to say it was a full day .

I think I shall end here . Today I shall continue to walk and gawk then organize and pack as I fly to PV tomorrow. Not sure what has happened with blog notices . They do not seem to be publishing . If you receive this one you can always tap the arrows for previous or next to catch up . I did not blog at the beach so there are only a few entries.

Be well !


6th January 2019

Sounds wonderful! I’m glad to get caught up on your adventures. Stay safe!
6th January 2019

These are coming through now
Hi Pam. I received this one too so what glitch there was is now fixed. I hope your flight today was uneventful. B
7th January 2019

What is "zoccolo"? Sounds like a very cultural, interesting day! Now you must catch up on cerveza and tacos!
7th January 2019

Happy travels
Pam I have enjoyed following you on your adventure. I have responded but it disappeared on me. Having a good busy time with Dan & Frank. They have golfed twice and played Hola & Sequence. I plan to take Dan to a horse farm on Wednesday and a classical guitarist on Thursday. Talk to you soon.
10th January 2019

Glad to get your blog
Just read 2 of your blogs and emjoyed them greatly. Thought I would let you know that I am getting them. Winter in getting colder here this week with a blizzard the last 2 days. Got to protest our government’s treatment of indigenous people in BC yesterday by picketing outside the RCMP battacks in -20 weather with lots of wind. Needless to say the turnout wad not large. Started work with Prov NDP for 2 aft. a week on a volunteer basis helping update their mailing list. Other than that have spent lots of mornings in bed curling up with a book. Life is full but not exciting at the moment. Enjoy and please keep sending me your blogs. Brst in 2019.

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