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August 23rd 2006
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Little FunLittle FunLittle Fun

This version of the photo can be expanded the last one was too pixilated.
This past weekend I had the amazing opportunity to go on an excursion to Cuatro Cienegas in Coahuila, Mexico. Cuatro Cienegas is a desert with about 200 natural oasis which are the home of countless, rare species of plants, fish, and bacteria. One pool called the blue pool is being studied by NASA because the bacteria that colors the water a gorgeous blue produces oxygen.
It was a fairly short trip; we left at 7 am on Sat. and returned at 10 pm Sunday, but it felt like a true vacation. For one thing, I slept in a room with air conditioning. Plus the weather there was a lot "nicer" anyway because there wasn't quite so much humidity.... actually got to wear my hair down without it being a complete fro.
On Saturday we visited a tiny winery that's been in existence for about 100 years. The whole operation consisted of about 2 machines, but the product was fantastic. They gave us little "communion cups" of the 5 wines that they offered, and it was the best wine I'd ever had. Then we went to the first of the oasis for a swim. (Don't you like how we went to the
Matt Jumpin'Matt Jumpin'Matt Jumpin'

We were going to play King of the Mountain, but all the "mountains" were pretty steep.
winery and then went to go swim). The oasis had mud at the bottom that squashed up to ankle-level; it was kind of nice. I was going to make a facial out of it, but when I pulled a handfull out of the water it smelled absolutely disgusting. After swimming, our bus driver (who by the way was the coolest guy ever; he drove us around wearing orange plaid boxers and a burgundy t-shirt with pocket) managed to get the bus completely lodged in the mud. It was one of those where you're just thinking, "please, for the love of, stop hitting the gas." The bus was practically at the angle of the Titanic. So about 15 of the guys pretended to like they could push it out... definitely didn't budge it. Then a 1980 Chevy truck showed up but got stuck in the mud itself. Then a 1980 Ford truck came and put its bumper on the bus's bumper but it wouldn't even budge the thing. Long story short, the bus was rescued by a tractor the next day, but the 45 or so students got to ride back into to town in the back of locals' pickups. It
The Blue PoolThe Blue PoolThe Blue Pool

NASA studies it, but I just want to jump in.
was fantastic riding in the back of the truck watching the sunset behind the mountains. Our driver was awesome, too. He wore his pants over his belly button and didn't have teeth; that's some interesting Spanish.
The next day we went to a desert and to another oasis to swim before returning home. Pretty much an amazing experience and the friends that I went with were super fun.

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James the Yoga MasterJames the Yoga Master
James the Yoga Master

After years of practice, James resists all physical desires and meditates in the desert. He's been in that position for 12 years now.

Oasis where we swam the second day. The water was a beautiful light blue, but it was hotter than bathwater.

My favorite Aussie was elated to ride in the back of the truck.
Tight QuartersTight Quarters
Tight Quarters

There were 8 of us in the back of the truck, and I covered the wires that were sticking up with my towel.

Met a new friend from here in Mexico. This is his Indian Chief picture.

I told them to look like gangsters in this photo. Looking at Oliver, it doesn't appear that Austrians know about surviving on the streets.
Cool CoupleCool Couple
Cool Couple

More new friends; one is from Greece and one from Mexico.

We were treated to a cookout of quesadillas and steak at the hotel that night. There was also a three-piece band that included an accordion, a standing bass, and a guitar.

23rd August 2006

Wow! Those pictures are beautiful! Thank goodness your bus got stuck in the mud!
23rd August 2006

I want to jump in too!
It look like you are having a great time! Your captions on your pictures crack me up. I miss you girl! but while your away, like it up !
24th August 2006

sooo..everytime i rea these i can't help but to laugh because i know how you would be telling it in person lol...i like the so thirsty pic looks awsome hope u are having tons of fun!:)...we are about to make our warmup cd got ne suggests??..citizen cope?lol:)
24th August 2006

Dori...I don't think you should live in the states have such an awesome time traveling; you are the perfect international student! The pics are awesome...keep 'em coming! Pre-season misses you...our freshmen ROCK this year!
25th August 2006

my favorite part
"Our driver was awesome, too. He wore his pants over his belly button and didn't have teeth; that's some interesting Spanish." ....that's an incredible thought. Also, it makes me desire an impression of that when you return. I love you!
29th August 2006

what what
hey ho bag, Dern, the pics are unbelievable...My fave is the one of your Aussie friends exposing their bad ass, balls to the wall expressions--reminds me of that pic with you, Rose, and Michael. You're so right, girls like you and me, yeah, we know all about gettin hastled...remember how penny did us wrong? Seriously, looks abolutely amazing, and I'm sure it's a million times better in real life... Oh, and Rebekah:That's LICK it up, not LIKE it up...gotta work on your proof reading... I love you and take care.
31st August 2006

quick question
What the heck are you talking about some wheel chair? and who the hell is Colin? Did I miss something or am I being absent minded? Could you clear that up for me real quick?
2nd September 2006

Nature Girl
okay, so now i get the colin thing, although that officially qualifies you as the biggest nerd on the planet that you know the name of the gimp from the secret garden..i don't even know if i've ever seen the movie.. BUT the point is that now that I understand your comment, it's f-ing hilarious!!! seiously, only you would say something like that..can I just say that as of right now you have been initiated into the funniest person I know position.., and that's how I'm going to explain you to people from now on.. everytime i get mail from you i'm just wondering what the f you're going to say and whether i'm going to piss my pants.. can't wait till we're, you, and bekah..yeah, that'll be out of control... i love you..peace out.
9th November 2007

Just to make a little corrrection, at the beginning of your article, you say Cuatro Cienegas, Chihuahua, and in reality Cuatro Cienegas is in my state of Coahuila.

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