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Listen to: ¨Long Shadow¨ Joe Strummer and the Mescaleros I´d taken a chance - a rather stupid - one in turning down the road. The sun was low on the horizon and had no idea how the road ahead would be. All I knew was that back at the highway I had seen a sign saying Sinforosa 17 km and had a picture of a tent and another of some people looking through binoculars. Not too interested on Guachochi. I took the turn by some last minute impulse and regreted it almost immediately afterward. I don´t know why I didn´t turn around. I just kept going down a heavily rutted dirt road past dead dogs and run-down homes. ¨ ¨well, you´ve sure done it now.¨ I thought to myself. ¨Everyone here sees me, everyone knows where ... read more
A mexican jack
Pick axes  for tire irons...
Lesser of two evils

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