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North America » Mexico » Chiapas » Misol Ha April 4th 2009

Our next stop today was a beautiful, tall waterfall, Misol Ha. After a day and a half of ruins and history, seeing something purely pretty was a nice way to relax. Even though we only had an hour here, the Aussies jumped in for a swim right away, while I went to see the waterfall from behind and saw the small cave in the cliff wall nearby. I will leave the descriptions here to the pictures!... read more
Misol Ha
Misol Ha

North America » Mexico » Chiapas » Misol Ha August 18th 2007

Just got back from a tour of some waterways here in Chiapas. First stop was Misol-Ha where some of Predetor was filmed, very pretty. Then we stopped at a river with a dodgy suspension bridge and last stop was Aqua-Azul with lots of small falls and pools similiar to what we found in Lanquin Guatemala but with a Mexican Disney feel due to the overwelming amount of souvineer stands and resturants. Nice group for the tour everybody enjoyed it.... read more
Fish food

North America » Mexico » Chiapas » Misol Ha August 9th 2002

The second waterfall of the day was very different to the first. A stream dropped about 35m into a large pool of deep water. You could walk underneath the waterfall or behind it to avoid getting very wet, to some small caves at the back. Again this waterfall was surrounded by lush vegetation. More jungle.... read more
Misol Ha
Misol Ha Again

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