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North America » Mexico » Chiapas » Comitan September 7th 2012

US$1 = approx 13 Mexican Pesos August 27, 2012 Today is my birthday, and once again, I am alone. At least that’s the way the day began. I started exploring the streets of Comitan, a city in the Mexican state of Chiapas, having just arrived the evening before and eager to familiarize myself with a new area of the country. I soon found myself heading uphill on the edge of town to get a vista of the city, eventually making it up and over to the carretera, a main road leading out of town, before walking down into some unexplored residential neighborhoods, terminating near the zócalo, in the center of town. Passing by a building with an open front door and a large map of Chiapas hanging on the interior wall, I couldn’t help but go ... read more
Comitan Street
Inside a Secret Cave
Hitching in the Back of a Mango Truck

North America » Mexico » Chiapas » Comitan November 14th 2008

06:30 hr start this morning took us to Comitan for breakfast at the main plaza. I had some sort of chicken tortilla soaked in Mexicano tomato sauce with scrambled eggs. Tasty, but somewhat salty. We stopped by a mega-mart like Costco to pick up some stuff to make lunch on the way to Guatemala. Lagos de Colon was the only touristy stop before we left Mexico today. At first glance it looked like a large artificial pool, but as we got farther in it got bigger and the crystal clear and calm water made for some beautiful reflection photographs. There was a small waterfall 950m from the entrance and there are caves behind it such that you could go in one and come out the other. I was the first to get into the water this ... read more
Lagos de Colon
Lagos de Colon
Lagos de Colon

North America » Mexico » Chiapas » Comitan July 8th 2007

As I said in my last journal, I wanted to have my chest checked out to make sure everything was allright, so I went to the doctor when I arrived in Comitan from San Cristobal. After checking it, she said everything was fine and it was probably a muscle strain (as I had suspected). She then suggested I take a painkiller similar to Advil. The total cost, $1.50 for the visit, $2.00 for the medicine. I started feeling better that afternoon and went out to listen to music in the plaza and play pool at a billiards hall right across the street from the central plaza. This was what made Comitan more enjoyable to me than San Cristobal. It was mostly locals and it was easy to meet people, unlike San Cristobal. The next morning I ... read more

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