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February 22nd 2007
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Today, 20 February,we left around 10 after a night in the Rice and Beans RV park just outside of San Ignacio. We had hoped to stop in Rosalia but it was too congested and we can do that as a day trip another time. We also passed through Mulege but didn’t stop.

The road here passes through the Sierra San Francisco and there are some dangerous “vados” or dips that allow for water to flow over the road. About 35 miles outside of San Ignacio, the descent starts to climb again. The grade is called the Cuesta del Infierno or GRADE of HELL! It is about 2 miles long and is the steepest grade on Mex 1. Throw in several curves and some semis coming opposite and you have yourself quite a rollercoaster ride!

Bahia de Concepcion is fantastic. Beautiful hues of blue in the water, rocky islands jetting out of the water. It is a huge bay with lots of beaches where you can just park your vehicle just feet from the water! There are no services here but there are 2 flush toilets complete with a barrel of water and a bucket for the flush! The name of this park is the Playa Santispac. There is a restaurant here but is closed on Wednesdays. Supposedly the land here has been bought up and will be developed into condos and a marina. Prior to this, there were about 50 permanent “homes” here. Folks just permanently left their RV and built a palapa home around it. One couple here has had their home here for some 13 years and now they have to leave by June. These are very elaborate homes powered by solar energy! Floors are made of tile and the cordon cactus is used to build the beams! It really is fascinating. The couple we met are moving to a new beach and will be building a new home right on the beach for about $25,000. They will play rent of about 2000 a year. They have another home in Minnesota. What adventurous folk!

The folks camped next to us are from Wisconsin and are avid Kayakers. They let us try their kayaks out and we had a great time. The water here is crystal clear. The wind usually whips up around 2 pm and it cools down quickly.

I would really like to stay here a few more days but I think we will move on to Loreto tomorrow.

Mulege is the nearest town with a population of about 6,000. We took a ride into town there and walked around the little village. It is very similar to San Ignacio in that it is set among a grove of palm trees with a river running through it. We ate dinner at the Casitas restaurant which is a historic local there in the town. The food was great as usual and so far so good as far as TURISTA goes!! LOL. We got back and had a campfire with new friends from Wisconsin.

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Cuesta del InfiernoCuesta del Infierno
Cuesta del Infierno

This was quite a grade, known as the Grade to hell!
Hotel Parking???Hotel Parking???
Hotel Parking???

In Mexico, everything is possible...

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