Todos Santos & Cerridas Beach

Published: January 30th 2014
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It was our last full day and we had a rental car so we headed out to Todos Santos, a small town about an hour outside of Cabo San Lucas. I was sure Ian took a wrong turn at Cabo San Lucas but sorely corrected when we saw a road sign only a few miles later. We drove around the tip of the Baja Pennisula where the Sea of Cortez meets the Pacific Ocean. The waves hitting the shore lines on the Pacific side were nothing less than spectacular, the waves breaking with their white spray along the shore, the blue sky background, hard to describe. The highway was just great, divided four lanes, very modern, almost hard to believe it was Mexico until we run into a couple of stray goats and donkeys on the side of the road. We are surrounded by cactus and desert and a few rolling hills as far as the eye can see.

Todos Santos is a small Mexican town, primarily a small arts community loaded with galleries and restaurants and stores selling their wares - lots of tourists. We parked near the yellow church, which is always located at the center of any Mexican town. Most of the buildings were very old but refurbished to serve the needs of the tourists in one way or another. The streets were very narrow, mostly paved or coble stone but the side streets we drove by were dirt / sand - very authentic Mexico, people living in meager means with laundry hanging on lines. We walked a few square blocks popping in and out of various stores then finding a taco stand for lunch - how could we resist but to eat Mexican on our last day? We found the Hotel California made famous from the Eagles and took some pictures, yes we are still tourists ourselves. After a couple of hours we were ready to start making our way back.

About 15 minutes along, we pulled off the highway along a dirt road to Cerridas, anxious to see the beach we had heard of. Large waves rolling in from the Pacific Ocean, beautiful blues and turquoise. The spray from the ocean in the heat of the day creating a mist that made the beach ends look surreal. The tide was out so it was nice and flat to walk along. We watched a guy in a wheelchair playing ball with his dogs, then climb back onto his ATV hooking up his chair behind him, this guy has it figured out! There was a very cool Mayan Villa which consisted of pallapas converted into living quarters right on the beach. This place is definitely a "get a way," pretty far from civilization, shopping or any towns or cities, it would be a drive to even get groceries, but if surfing and getting away from it all is your thing - this could be your place. We were wowed by some natural art we found in the sand, maybe created by stones or seaweed or whatever below the surface mixed with waves and tides - so very cool that nature can give us such gifts!

The drive back was thankfully uneventful, but people here drive like lunatics, stop signs, red lights and speed limits meaning nothing other than Go, Ian is great about driving here but I will be happy to get back to roads we know with rules that matter.

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1st February 2014

End of holiday
Bet you are sorry to see it end, ours has just started, we arrived here in Neuvo Vallarta this pm. I think that we will enjoy it. We get home on the 28th,hope spring has sprung.Ian I've been thinking, believe it or not,that if you want to try a cheaper repair on white truck,we should try repairing the fuel pump,possibly injectors are ok,(because of suddenness of the onset of problems and the oil dilution).if you are interested,i will research costs etc..I'm thinking that maybe I've gotten hung up on injectors because of the year and duramax history. All of the problems can be explained by a faulty fuel pump. Any way , something to think about. Do NOT drive until oil is changed!

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