Cabo Capers and the Italian Caballero

Published: April 1st 2011
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A traveler without observation is a bird without wings. Moslih Eddin Saadi

Cabo… has a lot going on considering that it is at the end of a peninsula and the next stop is quite a ways off. There’s whale watching, sport fishing, sun seeking, tequila drinking, shopping and great seafood. Whatever floats your boat.

Art and Deb are great friends that we joined on vacation this week and they have been in mourning because five years ago they purchased a time-share condo at a small, quaint property with lots of charm. When they were vacationing here in December they were informed their building was going to be torn down and they would be required to move to the new high-rise property that was being built next door. On this trip we are in the new building and they look longingly across the beach to the old unit. It will be torn down very soon. I can understand the attraction that the other property held for them. The new property is fine but it is very similar to many that line the sandy beaches of Cabo. It has beautiful pools, fancy restaurants and has a lovely beach facing the Pacific
Infinity and beyondInfinity and beyondInfinity and beyond

now that is relaxing
Ocean but does not offer the simple ambiance that the other property provided. The small quaintness of yesteryear will soon be gone.

When planning our travel adventures we always read a few blogs here on TravelBlog to get a feel for the place and find hidden gems that need to be explored. We have a two-week break between jobs and needed some downtime relaxing at the beach with friends and so find ourselves in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. In our search we discovered there were not many recent blogs about Cabo so hopefully our research would be helpful to you. We wondered if there was any correlation between the numbers of hostels available or not available in this area of Mexico to the relatively small number of blogs posted on Travelblog. We found there are a half a dozen places you can stay costing $20 to $95 a night but this is certainly not the norm. In Cabo San Lucas the norm is high-rise hotels and time-share condominiums. This place has come a long way in the past two decades and corporate money is afoot. The recession has slowed things down a bit, but probably not for long.
Land's EndLand's EndLand's End

beach at the Grand Solmar

We were surprised by the expensive taxi ride from the airport to our hotel. You’ll find yourself paying between $30 and $50 depending on where you are staying along the strip.

Twenty-five years ago we dreamed of driving the 1,000 mile Trans-peninsular highway and exploring the sleepy Baja peninsula of California and Mexico. We understand there are several sleepy villages that remain along that drive. Some day we would like to soak up the beauty and desolation of the desert drive but that will have to happen at another time. According to one of the locals that we spent some time with this week it remains safe to make that drive—even though headlines from Mexico these days are filled with stories of drug cartels and drug deals gone awry.

The whales have been very active this week. We have never been any place where we have seen this many whales. Each day we have seen between five and fifteen jumping out of the water providing a show. Most a just a little bit too far out to get great photos but we have certainly enjoyed being entertained by them. In Mexico, they must not have any regulations about how close boats can go because from our vantage point on the beach the boats are circling them at a very close range.

Each morning and evening we see a parade of fishing boats heading out to sea and return. This area of the world is known for its sport fishing—marlin and such. Others come to kayak, surf, wind surf, cycle, golf, hike, fish, snorkel and sail. One thing is for certain. The beach in front of our place is no place to go swimming. Huge waves crash onto the beach. The tide will simply grab you and take you out to sea….Most beaches here do not allow swimming. It’s easy to see why.

When the average person thinks of Mexico, their mind leaps to white sand beaches and margaritas and Cabo San Lucas delivers in both of those areas. World Class diving can be found in the Sea of Cortez. We intend to dive this week but other priorities have prevented that from occurring yet. We’ll see if we have time before we have to leave.

As mentioned previously, we are here with our great friends Art and Deb. Art is Italian and a
Love this fishing signLove this fishing signLove this fishing sign

As advertised "no bullshit"
very social person. He has a wonderful way with people. So, the other day he was in the hot tub with seven women from Dallas. They were very nice and we dubbed them “The Real Housewives from Dallas,” after the TV show. Art is in the tub telling them all about the whales. You would think that Jacque Cousteau or Marlin Perkins was feeding him information. Any way, Art was having a pleasant conversation with them and we were on the beach chairs talking with Deb. She leaned over towards us and said, “they had better be careful because Art would stalk them and start sending them recipes”……we laughed until we cried. You would need to know Art to really understand that impact of that statement. We were having a great time at his expense. He has a heart of gold but loves to chat.

And so we wile away the days staring at the beautiful Pacific under blue skies and salt breezes, reading, chatting and wondering when happy hour starts again.

Additional photos below
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Sail awaySail away
Sail away

Lots of wind in Cabo San Lucas
Very active whalesVery active whales
Very active whales

Click to enlarge photo.
Fancy feetFancy feet
Fancy feet

vacation time
Pools a plentyPools a plenty
Pools a plenty

at the Solmar
Grand Solmar PoolGrand Solmar Pool
Grand Solmar Pool

one of three
Famous Senor FrogsFamous Senor Frogs
Famous Senor Frogs

one of many drinking establishments
Restaurant entertainmentRestaurant entertainment
Restaurant entertainment

Monica sings very well
Italian CaballeroItalian Caballero
Italian Caballero

Our friend Art
Relaxing and readingRelaxing and reading
Relaxing and reading

watching the world go by
Tortilla SoupTortilla Soup
Tortilla Soup

it was amazing
Grilled SnapperGrilled Snapper
Grilled Snapper

absolutely wonderful
Shrimp Taco'sShrimp Taco's
Shrimp Taco's

Gordo's LeLe--- you must go

1st April 2011

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Great post and good pictures. Cabo San Lucas seems to be nice place to go for relaxing and enjoying the beach. barcode maker
1st April 2011

Thank goodness for your blogs
I continue to travel the world through your blogs - the sun hasn't shone here in the longest time, thank you for bringing some sunshine into my day. Ian xxx
1st April 2011

wonderful pictures
Love the sign!! And so jealous of your views of the whales. Karen
1st April 2011

Oh yaaay, you made it to Gordo's LeLe - food looks really yummy(at least in the pic ha ha). We leave tomorrow - can't wait!
1st April 2011

hey there nursing friends!
soo... i saw the pics and read the blog... amazing pictures btw... i luv cabos truly! glad u guys had a great time!
1st April 2011

As always, the dialogue was fascinating and the pictures were spectacular! Where are you now and what's next. Just got home from wedding festivities and glad to be back to sunshine and warmth. Write soon.
2nd April 2011

TravelBloggers Meet!
Hola! Nice to meet you today in Cabo Dave and MerryJo! And of course, another wonderful blog to read - my favourite subject (CABO!) with some pretty great pictures too. Wishing you the best on your upcoming adventures. Keep in touch!! Hola to Art and Deb. Hasta Luego Cabochick aka Andrea
2nd April 2011

That looks gorgeous, yummy and who'd thought Dave's feet could ever look so good (weird mind you, but nice pedi!) LOL!! C
7th April 2011

vicarious vacationing
Enjoyed the mini vacation! Excellent blog ... and for the record, i've been stalked...with recipes! and love every minute of it! here's to you cabellaro! Kathy

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