Cabo Capers and the Italian Caballero

Published: April 1st 2011
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A traveler without observation is a bird without wings. Moslih Eddin Saadi Cabo… has a lot going on considering that it is at the end of a peninsula and the next stop is quite a ways off. There’s whale watching, sport fishing, sun seeking, tequila drinking, shopping and great seafood. Whatever floats your boat. Art and Deb are great friends that we joined on vacation this week and they ... Read Full Entry

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A cold Pacifico
Dave and ArtDave and Art
Dave and Art

solving world issues
Deb and DaveDeb and Dave
Deb and Dave

fun in Mexico
Surfer Waves in CaboSurfer Waves in Cabo
Surfer Waves in Cabo

not safe for swimming

1st April 2011

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Great post and good pictures. Cabo San Lucas seems to be nice place to go for relaxing and enjoying the beach. barcode maker
1st April 2011

Thank goodness for your blogs
I continue to travel the world through your blogs - the sun hasn't shone here in the longest time, thank you for bringing some sunshine into my day. Ian xxx
1st April 2011

wonderful pictures
Love the sign!! And so jealous of your views of the whales. Karen
1st April 2011

Oh yaaay, you made it to Gordo's LeLe - food looks really yummy(at least in the pic ha ha). We leave tomorrow - can't wait!
1st April 2011

hey there nursing friends!
soo... i saw the pics and read the blog... amazing pictures btw... i luv cabos truly! glad u guys had a great time!
1st April 2011

As always, the dialogue was fascinating and the pictures were spectacular! Where are you now and what's next. Just got home from wedding festivities and glad to be back to sunshine and warmth. Write soon.
2nd April 2011

TravelBloggers Meet!
Hola! Nice to meet you today in Cabo Dave and MerryJo! And of course, another wonderful blog to read - my favourite subject (CABO!) with some pretty great pictures too. Wishing you the best on your upcoming adventures. Keep in touch!! Hola to Art and Deb. Hasta Luego Cabochick aka Andrea
2nd April 2011

That looks gorgeous, yummy and who'd thought Dave's feet could ever look so good (weird mind you, but nice pedi!) LOL!! C
7th April 2011

vicarious vacationing
Enjoyed the mini vacation! Excellent blog ... and for the record, i've been stalked...with recipes! and love every minute of it! here's to you cabellaro! Kathy

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