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August 4th 2012
Published: September 2nd 2012
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Greenland, we went to a BBQ. I had fish, whale, lamb and bread. We went on a boat. It was long. We saw a whale. I think it was a killer whale. We played hide and seek. We went to a cliff where there was icebergs and played. We went on a hike. We saw a lot of dogs. I bought a stuffed animal dog. We gave it flowers on the hike. We saw icebergs. It was fun - Sofia Journal Entry Aug 4&5

After 2 great days in Iceland, it was time to go to my 50th country/territory - Greenland. Daddy said that not many people travel there and not too many people even live there. He had told me that Greenland had a lot of ice and Iceland had a lot of green, and now it was time to find out.

It started off not on a good note as after we boarded the plane they said that we could not take off because the loud speaker did not work, so instead of leaving 30 minutes before Lenny an Maddie, we ended up leaving about 1 hour later, but I got a good nap in so it was probably better anyway.


So a few hours later, our very small plan landed in a small town after passing over icebergs. We were picked up by the owner of our hotel, Hotel Avaanna, and met Lenny and Maddie. It was a really nice hotel and our room was across from Maddie's. We went into town to World of Greenland to talk about hour tours and then ate dinner at Arctic hotel. The hotel was cool as we could see sled dogs and icebergs. We ate a lot of interesting things. I tried whale but did not like it. Daddy would not try it, but I wanted to, so he let me.

The next day we went on a very long boat ride. It was really cool and we passed tons of icebergs. I played a lot with Maddie. We saw a humback whale, but I thought it was a killer whale. We finally arrived at this giant glacier called eqi. It was like an enourmous cliff of ice. We watched pieces fall into the water. I was more interested in the "ice soup" that the boat passed through to get there which turned more into a slushy. I had a lot of fun on the boat and even played hide and seek indoors between 2 tables which did not have too many hiding places. On the way back it got really foggy. We both playe with our ipods, ipad, and nintendo.

After a very long but fun 11-12 hour boat ride, We had a great dinner at a little restaurant and then went home. What a day!


We found out that our helicopter ride was postoned for a day so the next day we went on a hike. First, I bought a little sled dog stuffed animal I named Woofy. We then went on the hike which first passed a lot of sled dogs. Many were chained up, but some were not which was a little scary, but nothing happened. The hike was incredible. Most of it was along this wooded path and led to this field with very cool flowers that looked like the trees from the Lorax. I had SOOOOOO much fun playing there with Maddie with cool icebergs in the back ground. We spent a lot of time there. We all
What a place to play!What a place to play!What a place to play!

absolutely stunning
wished we could have stayed there for even longer.


Then some hiking over rocks with incredible view of icebergs. While it was not a very difficult hike, daddy said it was one of his most scenic hikes he has ever done. We then headed back to the hotel where daddy and lenny cooked us a great dinner. Daddy and I had to get to bed early as we had a big day the next day......Helicopter ride over the fjords.

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I loved this placeI loved this place
I loved this place

Including the miniature "lorax" trees
Looking "cool"Looking "cool"
Looking "cool"

Eqi Glacier
World of Greenland OfficeWorld of Greenland Office
World of Greenland Office

We did 3 tours with them - all awesome!
Me, Daddy, Lenny, and maddieMe, Daddy, Lenny, and maddie
Me, Daddy, Lenny, and maddie

Hike from Ilulissat
Me, Daddy and MaddieMe, Daddy and Maddie
Me, Daddy and Maddie

Boat to Eqi Glacier

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