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August 6th 2012
Published: September 4th 2012
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Sofia landing the HelicopterSofia landing the HelicopterSofia landing the Helicopter

Okay, it was the guy on the right.
We went on a boat. It was late. I played on my Ipod and slept. It was fun. I went on a helicopter that was little. I sat in the front. It was cool. We went to a fish factory. We put on funny clothes. We saw lots of shrimp. It was cool - Sofia Journal Entry Aug 6-7

So many pictures and cool stuff we did in those 4 days in Ilulissat that I had to make 2 blogs about it. We saw part of a soccer game. It was a championship game. We did not need tickets, we just sat down and watched. The field was dirt, not grass. I liked watching.


That night, we went on an "evening iceberg" tour. The boat left really late, about 900pm. The sun was still up. We were lucky to have a boat that we could sit inside. Daddy and Lenny mostly stayed outside while we played with our ipods and ipads. We had seen a lot of icebergs the 2 days before, so really did not need to see them tonight. Daddy and Lenny thought it was pretty cool. On the way back at about 1100pm, I fell asleep.

The next morning we got up early as it was time to go in a helicopter. We got really lucky since the trip got cancelled the day before, we got rebooked in a very small helicopter. It only fit 6 people including the pilot. I also got lucky because one of the 5 passengers was a boy only 2 years older than me. He was from Denmark. The really cool thing is the nice Swedish pilot let us take turns sitting in the front seat...daddy has not even ever done that. The boy sat on the front the way to the glacier.

I did not know what to expect as we took off with our headphones on. However it was very smooth and I liked looking out the window with woofy, my stuffed animal sled dog. We went over a lot of icebergs that looked a lot smaller than they did on the boat.


We landed very near to wear the glacier met the fjord. It ws really neat. I played for about 1 hour there, mostly with Daddy, but also with the other boy. The pilot
Don't we look cuteDon't we look cuteDon't we look cute

Shrimp Factory Tour
was very nice too. I was excited to leave though, as I knew it was my time to sit up front.

It was soooo cool sitting up front with the pilot next to me and all the buttons and dials. What a ride! I could see everything and he got really low near the icebergs. It was neat hearing him and Daddy talk in the headphones. What an experience. We landed and said our goodbye's to the pilot and others.

We immediately took off and met Lenny and Maddie at the Shrimp Factory. This was one of the largest factories in Greenland and Lenny had some connections from his work. We got a private tour. I really love eating shrimp which made it even cooler and we learned a lot. It was really cool to see all the machines. They were really loud.


Daddy and Lenny cooked another great meal for dinner. Daddy was happy that there was a really good amarone from a producer that he loved and we visited last year (Begali). The next morning we took for the airport, played in a giant sled and then made our way back to Reykjavik, Iceland. What an incredible 4 days in Greenland.

While I was looking forward to Daddy and my drive around Iceland for the next 1 1/2 weeks, I was bummed that it was the last night with Lenny and Maddie. We had so much fun together and both Lenny and Daddy were very happy how we got along. I hope that there will be many more time that we travel with them.


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Dont I look coolDont I look cool
Dont I look cool

Shrimp Factory Tour - Royal Greenland
So SmoothSo Smooth
So Smooth

Evening Sun Icebergs

5th September 2012

So cool that Sofia got to sit up front in the helicopter
When she is 20 she will have a stack of amazing memories. Can't wait to meet you.
6th September 2012

She is one lucky girl that Sofia!

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