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December 29th 2015
Published: December 29th 2015
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There are many reasons to want to move to Canada. Canada is experiencing a lot of industrial growth and has even become the hub for that industry for North America. Additionally, the country has been quickly developing as the technology hub of North America. In terms of job opportunities, it is a wonderful place to go and the immigration to Canada has been quickly gaining popularity around the world. It was just recently voted as one of the best places to live for many reasons including the ample job opportunities. Canada is a dynamic country that is rewarding to its residents. The society is consistently growing and improving as well.

Ways to Get Into the Country

In order to immigrate into Canada, the first thing you must do is apply for a Canadian Visa. Once you have this, you can work anywhere you please in the country as well as live anywhere you want. You can get into the country and start looking for your ideal position. However, this is only a temporary visa and if you have a job, once the position is terminated, you must return to your home country. If you want to live in the country
on a permanent basis, you may want to consider some more permanent options.

There are many stages for Canadian immigration and you may want to enlist the assistance of someone who has completed the work for someone else previous or has extensive experience in the field. That is because the immigration laws for Canada are complex. There are many people trying to enter the country and you have to stand out in many cases to gain entrance on a permanent basis.

Skilled Workers

If you have a certain skill set, you may want to get into Canada through the Skilled Worker path. Canada tried to find people with certain skills to fill specific business areas. The reason for this is that they want to grow their economy and to do that, they focus on certain skill sets. You can take a look at the skill sets they focus on through the Canadian government website. If you do have a specific skill set they are looking for, then you will just need your application to prove that for entrance. Once you get a skilled worker Canadian Visa, you can then apply to become a permanent resident. If you
choose this path, you will get all of the rights of Canadian citizens except for the right to vote.


If you are self-employed or an entrepreneur, then Canada welcomes you as well because this is another way to grow the economy. Unfortunately, you must be self-employed in one of their approved categories to gain entrance. The process for becoming a permanent resident with this type of work visa is the same as the skilled worker path.


If you are an investor and have money that you can put toward your Canadian immigration, you may want to choose this path. To apply for this path, you must invest into the country's economy with CDN $2 million. This is an at-risk investment because you are not guaranteed admittance into the country. You must also prove that you have a net worth of at least CND $10 million. With this path, you also get a permanent visa into Canada.


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