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August 31st 2009
Published: August 31st 2009
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One of ManyOne of ManyOne of Many

There are lighthouses everywhere, something to do with being on a coast?
Well, Pen and I left Montreal on a Wednesday, travelled to just outside New Brunswick and camped near River du Loup in Quebec, then drove to Fundi national park where we spent a day checking out the coast, and another looking at the Bay of Fundi. Then it was over to PEI for a night where we camped near a beach (for free!!) and then went to charlottetown before heading over to Nova Scotia. We spent a night at a site with a beautiful view of the valley and river below, and tonight we're in Cape Breton in the North of Nova Scotia where it is much like Scotland, except with bears and moose! We're heading to Newfoundland tomorrow for a few days then we'll either drive down through Northern Quebec, or head back the way we came. It all depends on if there are roads that will take us where we want to go that far north! A full update of our adventures to follow, along with some pics. Safe to say it has been beautiful, the east coast really is worth seeing, and we'd love to spend a good few weeks exploring, but hey...even travel bums have a schedule
The essence of the eastThe essence of the eastThe essence of the east

The east coast is defo all about sea food!
to keep ;o) That's it for now, will hopefully update when we're back in Georgetown at my parents mid September!

I've just added a few random pics, they're not the best ones, and there are defo more and better to come...but probably not on this leg of the trip....we'll have to wait till we get to ma and da's ;o)

Scott & Pen

Additional photos below
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John AJohn A
John A

Penny getting to know our first Prime Minister, talk about a history lesson ;o)
Who is that man?Who is that man?
Who is that man?

Who is that pointy toque'd man Penny is cuddling?

A view off New Brunswicks side of the Fundi Bay.
Beast in UseBeast in Use
Beast in Use

A pic of our sleeping accomodation, pretty comfy actually!
Bay of FundiBay of Fundi
Bay of Fundi

A bad pic of a cool place, the tide is out and you can walk the ocean floor
PEI in redPEI in red
PEI in red

The red dirt cliffs of PEI
Ocean lifeOcean life
Ocean life

A few bits of ocean life washed up on the beach one morning
Charlottetown PEICharlottetown PEI
Charlottetown PEI

Just an old red building
Ankor Watt!!Ankor Watt!!
Ankor Watt!!

The Nova Scotia version of Ankor Watt....this was taken on Penny's first hike since thie "injury". The hike was in Cape Breton's national park near Baddock...or something like that!
Lots of oceanLots of ocean
Lots of ocean

Plenty of views like this from little bays, and harbours.

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