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April 17th 2010
Published: April 17th 2010
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Lots of people don't understand why I love travelling that much. Or I should say, why I travel that much. Most of the people on earth would love to travel every year and be in vacation somewhere new every year. If you ask 15 of your friend today why they are not traveling like I am, they will answer for most of them that they don't have the money to it. Which is a huge lie. The correct answer answer is: I have other things to do before leaving to travel the world or I could but I prefer spending more time doing something else or I don't want to get a second job to afford it, I have to go at school and get my degree and start working as fast as I can to retired young. And don't get me wrong I respect that. People should always do what they think is best.

I been Traveling alone or with friends in North, central and South America, Europe, Africa and Oceania. And I can consider myself lucky cuz I didn't have to work more or sacrifice a lot of things to do this. I travel with my best friend and his familly around America and went to Europe, Africa and Oceania for sport or with my parents.

During the last two years, I made a lot of sacrifice to do something I always wanted to do. Me and my girlfriend Chloé who is writting on the blog sometimes, start traveling together. We left Canada last june to spent the summer in Europe. We made the decision to leave only in april and I had to get 4 job at one point to be able to pay this travel. I was working in two different bars at night , doing commercial and working in a hotel. With some help, I got the fund and left with her for two of the best months of my life.

This year, I convince Chloé that we should leave for 1 year. We will be doing Europe again and Northern Africa. Chloé is still at school and leaving at two semester of the end of her master is a huge sacrifice (according to her). She just start teaching and until christmas things were not going the way she wanted them to go. She wasn't working enough and I had to pay most of the things alone. Don't worry, I see it has an investisment and will make sure its worth it (lol).

My job sent me all over the place and I love it. However, it was tough for us being away that much. I spent 5 months on the Olympic torch Relay or in Vancouver working on the Olympics. I live amazing moments that will last for ever in my mind.

However, that was the first sacrifice we made. We were far from each other. The second sacrifice is selling Chloé's first car. She loves it. But this is mandatory because we need the money and we don't want to pay for anything by the time we will be away. We then left our appartment 3 months before leaving because we wanted to save money and move to Chloé's parents. This is not easy to say the least. I been on my own for the last 6 years and didn't remember at all what it is to wke up at midnight and seeing people else that my girlfriend in the living room.

Chloé start teaching more and will have to find a part-time job for at least 1 month before we leave. I am working (since I am back from Van) in two hotels ( 40h in one 24 in the other), I am working in a lot of promo and reffing like crazy. In total, I am working from 85 to 110 hours a week. I work everyday for a minimum of 8h except 3 days since mid-october 2009.
But trust me it is worth it.

I love what I am doing and I am very proud to do it. Whatever what other say, the only thing important to me is find hapiness and there is nothing better that travel the world with the person you love the most on earth. I don't know if I will be able to do this for a long time. But I hope I will. I hope I will discover something new everywhere, every year and fell the sentiment of full freedom that traveling gives me.

I travel cus it help me. Cus when I am backpacking I don't worry about all the small things of life.

I don't know where life will bring me. I am pretty sure that I will be fine and that one day I will retire and be proud of what I did. Before that, hopefuly I will do what I think is the best thing I can do, travel this damn planet and share my experience with the people around me and if nobody wants to listen to me, I am at least sure of something, all those experience will make me a better person.

Can't wait till june.


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