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April 9th 2010
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Hey everyone,

We are two months away from departure. I find it hard to sleep at night as I am so nervous. We are working a lot to make sure we have enough money. You know how I am, we are very last minute again. Whatever, what a year it was.

How to describe 2009-2010.

1- Being in Quebec City for the 400 anniversary is amazing. We saw the take on the French North American Capital. We made history and we lived world marking moment like the Paul (from the Beatles) concert that last 3 hours.

2- Me and Chloé did our first trip to Europe. We spent about 2 months going from UK to Ireland,Holland,Germany,Austria,Italy,Spain and France.

3- I did the Olympic torch relay and finally had the chance to go across my beautiful country. I spread happiness everywhere in Canada and experience something that changed my life for ever. It is a wonderful feeling to wake up every morning in a different city and know that you are part of the biggest stage of them all and that people will remember you for ever. We saw old people with their grandson wearing their relay uniform form the Montreal games and telling us how that 300 m run change their life for ever and gave them expiration for the last 35 years.

4- I was part of the Vancouver Winter Olympic Games. I spent a month and a half in Vancouver and had the chance to work with people from all over the world. Discover how great Canadians from all over this huge country can cheer all together and forget for 3 weeks that the guy beside them is French of from N-B or Alberta. I work at the o-zone and met great artists and athletes. I even had the chance to go to some events. I will remember all my life how packed were Granville and Robson street after the gold medal hockey game and the face of Pete the day after telling us how he found box tickets on the ground for the last hockey game and show us pictures he took with Neil Young and the premier. Leaving this town and all my new friends from the relay and o-zone was one of the hardest thing I did of my life.

5- Me and Chloé are leaving again for Europe. This time for 1 year. Hopefully things are going to go our way. We will land at London again on June 13th. We will then visit Bath,Manchester and Liverpool before sailing to Dublin. We will spent 2 weeks around Ireland to visit the capital, Cork, Galway and Belfast. We will then go to Glasgow and Edinburgh before flying to Norway to visit Oslo. From Oslo, we will train to Stockholm and Gothenburg and continue to Copenhagen. We will after move to Germany to visit Hamburg and Berlin again. we will then head to Benelux to visit Amsterdam,Rotterdam,Bruges,Brussels,Namur. Next will be Paris, Lyon,Bordeaux. In August and September we will be in Spain and Portugal to visit Barcelona,Valencia,Grenade,Malaga, (Marroco), Seville, Lagos, Lisbon, Porto and Madrid. We should fly to Eastern Europe after to go to Prague,Krakow,Warzaw,Budapesrt,Bratislava, Wien,Munich for the Oktoberfest.
We will be looking for a job at mid-October if anyone have a clue of where to look. And the other 7 months are not plan at all.
The only problem we have right now is money. We are under the prevision I made and I am scare that we will miss a bit of money.

Things should be fine after all, we always find a way to make things straight.

Look like this will be a year or two to remember.



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