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April 11th 2009
Published: December 8th 2009
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A quick free breakfast of jam and toast was enjoyed in the company of a British couple. After this, whilst washing my dishes an old man of about 70 dropped his shoulder and bumped into me, he thought it was hilarious. I didn get it. Later on I saw him and wondered if I king hit him whether he would see the funny side?

If I ever revisit Montreal I think I would hire bicycles. We walked for miles checking out the sights. From the hostel we traipsed to the market. That was underwhelming with just a few over priced arty stalls. Next was a trek back through China town to boutique-laden Arthur Street. The McGill University was passed as we made our way to Mount Royal Park - an extinct volcano from which Montreal got its name. The view from the top was brilliant; a crisp sunny day with a blue backdrop always helps. Whilst still in the park and sitting on a bench near a pond (which in the winter is used for ice skating), we watched seagulls tapping at the ice with their beaks. We thought it was strange behaviour until we saw one break through, pull out a frozen goldfish and then swallow it whole, it was savage. Then we realised there were loads of dead frozen gold fish. It made me wonder: Do all the goldfish freeze to death? Are they replenished by someone each year in summer or can some of them survive in the icy cold water? I want answers.

After the pond of doom a long trek ensued towards an impressive looking church - St Josephs. On the way we passed a normal looking guy, but as we got closer he was growling like a bull dog, pretty weird behaviour by my recognition. After checking out Josephs huge organ, and by that I mean the Churches pipes and not something more sinister, we realised we were a long long loooooooong way from hostel. We were hungry, tired and in no mood for the return journey. Its times like these that I wish I wasn so lame and could drive, its also times like these that Im glad that I can drive otherwise I probably would have thrown a brick through a car window and then hotwired it a-la James Bond. As it was we walked the huge distance through the central city which was hectic, I hadn seen chaotic crowded streets like that since leaving London. Once we finally arrived back we realised we would have easily walked over 20kms.

So as our third day rolled around we took it pretty easy, we walked down to see the harbour, from where there is a good view of the cities high rises. We revisited the poutine joint wed dined at the first night, and due to it being busy got a free plate of poutine whilst we waited for our poutine, it was mental, I had chips, cheese and gravy coming out my ears. God I miss that place.

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