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North America » Canada » Quebec » Montréal June 13th 2020

Comme tout le monde cette année, j’ai mis les voyages sur pause. Et ce n’est pas facile, ça fait plutôt mal! Déjà depuis plusieurs mois, habituellement à pareille date, la préparation de mon voyage d’été se fait dans le plaisir, l’enthousiasme et l’excitation du départ prochain. Et quand arrive juillet, je ne peux plus attendre pour embarquer dans l’avion. En 2020, ce sera l’année différente des autres, la spéciale, celle dont on se souviendra pour le reste de notre vie. On dit que le bonheur n’est pas une destination mais plutôt une façon de voyager. J’entreprends donc cet été un moment de bonheur, celui de me poser dans mon jardin, de nourrir mes oiseaux, de cultiver mes fleurs, de simplement regarder la vie. C’est étrange comme justement elle se charge de nous faire prendre notre temps... ... read more

North America » Canada » Quebec » Montréal October 29th 2019

“A youth, who bore, ‘mid snow and ice, a banner with the strange device, Excelsior!” Excelsior, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow October 29. Classy start, huh? We certainly began in snow and ice – so, sorry, Edmonton – even if no one is likely to mistake me for a youth. Except maybe in a raging blizzard. And as for boring . . . Hm. Strange devices was yesterday’s non-weather theme, enough strange devices yesterday to justify the rest of the quote (and, yes, I know that “device” in the poem refers to what is displayed on a banner, but where’s the pun, er, fun in that?). First, the airplane was delayed for almost a full hour for “maintenance issues.” Something they did not bother to to tell those poor eager sods who chose to stand in line for ... read more

North America » Canada » Quebec » Montréal » Downtown September 30th 2019

Today's the flight to Tokyo but not until 3:00pm, so I figured I'd wander around the area of my Hotel in Chinatown in the morning before checking out and going to the airport. Nothing particularly eventful happened, except on one street a shabby man turned and started following me. I can never tell if these type of people are people that have some sort of mental disability or are on some sort of drugs so I continued on cautiously aware of him while going about my business which was just wandering. I feel like he could have been after my phone if it was in my back pocket but i had already removed my phone from my pocket before entering the neighbourhood and put it elsewhere. I entered the supermarket at one point just to look ... read more

North America » Canada » Quebec » Montréal » Downtown September 29th 2019

Today's the start of the journey to Tokyo. For me that means getting to Montreal first, then laying over there because flights in and out of Labrador are weird now. I arrived in Montreal approximated 9:30 pm. I was hoping to get out and do something in Montreal that evening but since it was a Sunday most things were just beginning to close or were closing shortly not long after I arrived. I stayed at Travel Lodge in Chinatown district and it was overall pretty nice.... read more

North America » Canada » Quebec » Montréal » Old Montréal September 22nd 2019

Day 5 dawned yet again hot but with a scent of the rain to come. A little overcast. Tonight, we take the overnight train to Halifax, but we have a last day in Montreal so we take it easy and don't get out till just before 11 when the Archaeological Museum opens. We walk down the old narrow streets to the waterfront and buy our tickets. There is a movie about old Montreal starting in 7 minutes so we scoot right in to learn about the immigrants who risked everything to leave their homelands to make a new life in Canada. Today Canada is comprised of English - 18.34% Scottish - 13.93% French - 13.55% Irish - 13.43% German - 9.64% Italian - 4.61% First Nations - 4.43% Canada's history is so very intertwined with the ... read more
On St. Laurant Street
Museum lunch
Proper way to set a table

North America » Canada » Quebec » Montréal » Old Montréal September 21st 2019

Day 4: After our long day in Quebec City, we didn't get out in the town today until late morning. We wandered around, had lunch at an outdoor pizza place near the Old Town docks and Old Montreal. The table next to us ordered an XXXL pizza for the 4 of them. When it arrived, it was the largest pizza we have ever seen. We were amazed, the 4 of them ate almost all of it. We had been gawking at their pizza and sharing smiles now and then so, after they finished, they offered a gigantic slice to us. NIce! It was exactly like the pizzas you get in Rome. Extremely thin crust, not many toppings and crisp, crisp, crisp. What nice people to share their lunch. Turns out they are from Nebraska and Iowa ... read more
Waterfront at Old port
Cope on Tour Boat
St. Jean Cartier Bridge

North America » Canada » Quebec » Montréal » Old Montréal September 19th 2019

Day 1: Bonjour! The weather gods are with us! This whole week is going to be sunny and beautiful. I cannot believe we waited so long to come to Montreal. It is a beautiful, friendly, safe, island community of about 2 million people (4 million total in the surrounding areas)... about the size of Phoenix. The evening we got to our hotel in Old Montreal, we decided to talk a walk around and find dinner. Everywhere we looked had so much history as this was the beginning of Montreal 400 years ago. Since we do so much genealogy it was fun to overlay our heritage with the founding of Montreal. Cope's family, Norcross, was in Maine by the 1600's and my family, Maddox was in Jamestown, Virginia. Everything was new on this side of the ocean. ... read more
Notre Dame Basilica
Crew Collective & Cafe
Cookie Stefanie Gluten Free & Sugar Free

North America » Canada » Quebec » Montréal » Downtown October 9th 2018

Nous voici de retour de ce petit périple et en route pour Montréal ou du moins en un premier temps Longueuil... Ouf, on ne s'est jamais trompés... on a jamais pris le pont pour les USA ! Puis à Longueuil nous découvrons tout de suite qu'Halloween se rapproche... Comme les deux fois que nous sommes venus à Montréal nous n'avons jamais vraiment visité la ville... nous nous décidons un des trois jours là-bas de prendre le métro et d'aller explorer ce que nous ne connaissons pas ! Nous n'avons pas préparé cette visite, et ne savons pas vraiment où nous diriger... C'est alors que me vient l'idée du Bus Hip Hop, il n'est pas donné comme prix mais au moins on fera un tour de ville complet.... Je dois aussi me trouver une boutique qui me ... read more
l'automne arrive
Halloween se prépare

North America » Canada » Quebec » Montréal October 6th 2018

Bon. Alors voilà, c’est parti pour de nouvelles aventures avec Romy! Mine de rien, c’est dejà son 3ème vol international! Elle est vraiment chanceuse. Et pour la gratitude, on repassera. En t-k... ce premier post est surtout un test pour m‘assurer que le blog fonctionne comme du monde. on en profite pour mettre la table pour la suite du blog. Cette année, on a acheté nos billets vraiment dernière minute. Genevieve préférait planifier tous les endroits où on irait (elle me montrait même des photos de places qui avaient l’air cool) avant d’acheter les billets d’avion... moi, je penchais pour acheter les billets d’avion avant de planifier tout ce qu’on ferait une fois arrivée. Question de perspectives. Tergiversations. Glandouillage. J’ai finalement gagné et réussi à convaincre Geneviève. Une semaine et demi avant le départ. Les vols ... read more

North America » Canada » Quebec » Montréal » Downtown July 8th 2018

In late June, a conference trip took me to Montreal. I arrived there on a Saturday afternoon, caught the shuttle bus into town, and walked to my hotel. It was screaming hot, which I absolutely had not expected. I had checked the weather forecast, so I had been prepared for temperatures above 30° Centigrade. However, what I had not expected was the humidity in the air. It was almost as humid as in Singapore! So I definitely needed a quick shower once I had checked into my room, then walked into town to meet my colleagues (the gang of cuties who had arrived just shortly before me) for dinner. It was great to catch up with Achim, Richie, Mats, and Alina. The food was nice, but we did not stay for too long because all of ... read more
Mont Royal II
Mont Royal III
Mont Royal IV

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