day 11 - Prince Edward Island

Published: August 8th 2017
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Started our day on PEI by touring Green Gables Heritage Place – the house that was the setting for the book “Anne of Green Gables”. We saw a short film, took a tour, toured the barn and house and walked in the Haunted Wood. The house and farm were owned by cousins of LM Montgomery (the author) grandparents, who raised her. She lived a short distance away and spent time there growing up. Anne was also there and we watched her and friend Diana act out the part from the book where Diana drinks the raspberry cordial and gets drunk. We went to Cavendish Beach and finished the kids Xplorer program. We learned a little about bees, lobsters and other shellfish and played in the red, rocky sand. Rick and Maggie built a stone house. The view of the coast from the beach is dunes and red cliffs.

Dinner at the Beach House. I had Prince Edward Island mussels - delish!

There a lot of beautiful areas on PEI – rural land with views of the ocean and green rolling hills - similar to Ireland. There is also a lot of touristy things, shops, amusement parks, cottages and campgrounds. The national park is also “chunked up” like Acadia – you’re in then you’re out and then in again.

Differences in Canadian NP – their waste is divided into wet and dry. Wet is compost and wet paper, diapers, dog poo and dry is cans, bottles, dry paper. We aren’t being compliant as we only have one bag for garbage. There are also fewer garbage cans in general in the country and they still have bottle deposits. Another difference in the parks is they have kitchen areas – either separate buildings or just sinks outside the building – where folks wash their dishes. We are doing our dishes at our campsite still, but it is nice to have hot water to do it!


9th August 2017

That is very cool! Makes me want to read the book (again) :)
9th August 2017

Loving it! Can I go next time?

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