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August 22nd 2007
Published: October 8th 2010
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Henrietta HippoHenrietta HippoHenrietta Hippo

Our amphibious tour vehicle
Again, we did a tour to get an overview of the city. Where America has their Duck Tours, Toronto has something similar called a Hippo Tour. Our hippo was called Henrietta Hippo and she could take us on both land and water. The water piece was a bit of a token gesture however - just around a marina, whilst we’d hoped it would go out to the Toronto Islands.

One interesting fact we noted on the tour is that the State Parliament used to be a lunatic asylum. Umm… I can’t comment on the Canadian politicians, but I’m sure there’s a joke in there somewhere.

The tour also mentioned "The PATH". This is an underground series of walkways linking major buildings, shopping centres and train stations across the centre of the city, under all the chaos and the traffic. In theory it sounds like a fantastic idea, although it is a bit disorienting as you lose your sense of direction and we got totally lost. After a while we went back to the surface to find that we were only a couple of blocks from where we’d started.

Other than that we took it easy for the day
Toronto MarinaToronto MarinaToronto Marina

The marina and CN Tower from the hippo tour
to give the kids a rest. There was a pool back at the hotel specifically for children, which was complete with water-slides, so they had a whale of a time there.


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