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July 26th 2011
Published: July 26th 2011
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a veiw of twon halla veiw of twon halla veiw of twon hall

off in the distance you see the municipal buildings
Now you know some of the local tourist locations, now its time to show you what its like through the eyes of a Sudbury native. And no i am not talking about a native Indian, a Sudbury person. Some would say Sudbury is not that good, while others say its the greatest city in Northern Ontario. Me personally, a bit of both, there is good and bad in this city. Beauty and the beast side of this fair city. Like any city you go to the good and bad parts. and within each area of the city you will see both beauty and decay. I suppose what it boils down to is which side you wish to remember. The tourists do wish to remember the good and wonder of the city. as for some of the locals would say without a moments hesitation the worst this city has to offer. As for me personally, i will try to show the brighter side of our city to paint it in a positive light. But be forewarned that some of its negativity might slip through. To start we do have a hockey team, a team that plays in the OHL, for those of you in other parts of the world OHL stands for Ontario Hockey League. Our teams name is the Sudbury Wolves. Of course we are proud of our team, and who wouldn't be proud of the local team bearing our cities name with pride. Win or Lose it is our team and we will stand by and support our team each night they do play during the seasons.
Aside from the tourist spots which was mentioned in the previous entry. There are a few other places of note to see like Bell Park. Now Bell Park, is a well, obviously a park, sitting on the western shores of Lake Ramsey. The land itself used to belong to William Bell an early lumberman who donated the land and his estate to the city upon his death. His home was later turned into an art museum. The park itself is often used for many public events, to numerous to mention. A few public events are The Northern Lights festival, Summer Fest, and Dragon Boat Races just to name a few of the events that are held at Bell Park.
Its a city with different view points and different sets of eyes for each view and opinion. There are things to do indeed here, just have to look for them. We have an abundance of minorities, bars and Tim Hortons coffee places in this city.

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