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July 28th 2021
Published: July 29th 2021
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Day 27. 7651Km.

There was dew on the BBQ and other things this morning. I hadn’t seen dew since… well maybe not at all on this trip. Certainly none out west where it was so dry. I don’t remember if there was any the first couple of mornings when I was leaving home either. Maybe it was too warm?

Another long drive but better with scenery today. I believe this is the fourth time I’ve driven across the top of Lake Superior but it’s the first time I’ve done it from West to East, not that it makes much difference. Maybe some day I’ll ride it but it’ll have to be after I get a bike with more range or carry extra gas because my bike only goes 200Km before I switch to reserve. I think I could get about 30 to 40 more after that. I didn’t actually take note of the distance between stations but some stretches of road seem pretty long. Maybe I’m wrong though.

I made another bacon sandwich with the bacon I had already cooked to go with the yogurt. It’s a quick and easy breakfast with minimal dishes left in the sink. I did have the water hose connected last night so that along with the electrical had to be put away and then I dumped the tanks because the site I have for the next two days doesn’t have a sewer connection. I must remember to pass by the dump station when I leave here though because my spot for the upcoming weekend doesn’t have sewer either and it’s a long weekend.

The highway across the top of Superior never disappoints me. It’s rocky, curvy, varies in elevation and offers some nice views of the lake occasionally. There were a few short delays for paving crews but when I was 11Km from camp traffic came to a dead stop. A truck driver said it would be closed all day according to his dispatcher. A U-turn was out of the question with the trailer so I googled what could be going on and sure enough the police had the highway closed in both directions since late morning. Every once in a while a few cars would come the other way and we would all move ahead a few car lengths so I assumed those were people who did turn around. About 45 minutes later the traffic started streaming by so I figured they at least opened one lane and would alternate directions to get things moving but after a couple more minutes we all started moving. When I got to the accident scene there was a five ton box truck on its side over the ditch. The others involved were cleared away by then because the story I saw on line said multiple vehicles involved.

I was getting very low on fuel when we all got stopped so decided to pass the campground and go a little further to fill up before stopping for the day. The last thing you want to do is run a diesel out of fuel. Getting air out of the fuel lines can be a challenge and usually needs to be done before it will start again. Foolishly I drove right past an almost empty Shell station so I could collect points at Petro Canada which was quite busy and only had one diesel pump so that added to my delay getting to camp. Oh well, what did I have to do?

As I mentioned yesterday I changed my plans a bit so I’m here for two nights giving me a chance to ride tomorrow so I unloaded the bike which gives me some room to set up the bench and table inside. It’s also much nicer working in the kitchen area without a motorcycle inches behind me and tie down straps trying to trip me all the time.

I had a precooked pot roast that I was going to have rice with but decided to shred it up in a frying pan with some onion and garlic then decided against the rice and made garlic bread with some hot dog buns that are past their prime instead.

It’s supposed to rain overnight and into the morning so I left the dishes till then. Besides if I do them along with the breakfast dishes it’s less water in the grey tank when I can’t dump till I leave. I did get some wood for a campfire. I wasn’t sure if there was a ban here of not. Obviously not though. It’s decent wood but dirty like it was collected off the ground. I realize I make a lot of wood references which I suppose are a carryover from when I partially heated a house with a wood stove. I quickly learned soft or damp wood clogged up the chimney very quickly so I always kept several years worth of good hardwood split and drying. I could load up the wood-stove in the morning and still have lots of hot embers when I got home from work to get it burning again. Both my and my then girlfriends parents had bushes to cut from so wood only cost what it cost to go and cut and collect it.

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