June 25-27 - Algonquin Provincial Park

Published: July 2nd 2008
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We arrived at the park at the East Gate and went straight to the visitor’s center. The nice girl there set us off to do some cool camping in the interior of the park and have a canoe delivered to us to go to our camping site (you can only access these campgrounds by canoe)….unfortunately, the girl at the information center gave us the wrong information and couldn’t get our canoe delivered, which means, we couldn’t do the interior camping. Bummer! ☹ We were a little bit discouraged by this because we had wasted a lot of our time to arrange it, but we still even enjoyed our camping site at Canisbay campground.
During this day, we did a nice short trail called Two Rivers. This trail leads to beautiful cliffs and beautiful scenery. It would remind you of some of the Group of Seven’s painting. After this nice hike, we went to our camping site and did this AWESOME supper on the fire, which we had asparagus, steak and salad! ☺ Niam!
On Wednesday, tired of driving our car, we decided to bike to canoe lake, which is a very difficult 5 km one way drive. At Canoe Lake, we canoed…duh! LOL (the name says it all…ehehhe) We were out on the water for about three hours. It was very super nice, but at the end, it looked like it was going to rain, so we headed back in and drove our bike all the way back to our camp site! After all that, we were beat, so we just relaxed and did a camp fire for the rest of the night! Algonquin Provincial Park is a very beautiful place. It is a huge park, so we wished we could of seen more of it.

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