Algonquin Provincial Park

Published: June 30th 2008
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Decided this place deserved a blog of it's own. The nicest bit of Canada I've seen. That includes all the spectacular snow capped peaks of the Rockies. May just be because the area is not well known so no one else goes. Wilderness much more fun when it's empty.

Had Luxury acommodation (own room, practically empty hostel so bathroom, kitchen and lounge to ourselves) and amazing host. Took us on a tour of the area in his car, 3 hikes plus a fascinating visitors centre and art gallery. Stopped to look at a couple of moose by the side of the road. Tame creatures ignored the traffic and the continous supply of passers by stopping to take photos. Our eagle eyed guide even spotted a couple of mink. Mother and at least 5 tiny babies. Awww, soo cute.

The hikes were superb. Tom, the hostel owner and guide, has lived in the area all his life so knows the best spots. Could predict the weather so we had time to hide from the rain when it started to pour. We enjoyed spetacular views over the lakes and accross the rolling tree covered hills.

The whole area has over 1000 lakes connected by canals, all natural and beaver dammed. Saw 100 foot beaver dam seperating us from one huge lake. Also floated past one beaver. Tiny thing, must have taken years to create the enormous dams. Busy little things. Sam wasn't tempted but I couldn't resist the offer of a day in a canoe. Floating serenely down the river watching the world go by, the only sounds you can hear are the birds and the occasional splashing of oars as we tried to avoid running into a tree. Paddling up stream and round past the dams in my little kayak was hard work, tested my strength and steering ability as much as possible. Very rewarding though. Stopped for lunch by a fantastically powerful and beautiful waterfall.

Peaceful, beautiful, perfect.


1st July 2008

where are you?
Where are you please? Very glad to hear from you at last. Was getting worried. Sounds like a lovely place for a picnic. love mum

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