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July 2nd 2008
Published: July 2nd 2008
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Impressive, incredibly powerful and majestic.

Took the Maid Of The Mist tour under the falls to start. On seeing the American falls, I couldn't help but feel a pang of disapointment as it wasn't half as impressive as Igaussu. Not sure anything ever will be. The huge number of people we shared the experience with didn't help much. I grew quickly intollerent of every one getting in my way. On travelling further up the river to the Horseshoe falls, I remembered why I was there and quickly forgot Iguassu for that momment at least. Really cool, massive volumes of water thundering down all around us, the spray hundreds of feet in the air creating an awesome sight, and a incredibly refreshing shower.

We also proceded round and down beside the falls. Standing next to the falls, seeing underneath to the rockface behind it and the sheer power of the water, once again soaking us to the skin (well the down to the poncho) was positively breathtaking. Though that may have been the inability to breath in waterfall water.

At night the falls are illuminated. You'd think that since we are all there to see the power and beuaty of nautre, a tasteful white light would suffice. No, not possible apparently. Several clashing colours were used, bright red (river of blood) luminous green (nasty cold) purple, orange, blue and yellow (less rainbow, more vomit coloured and inducing) How dare they atempt to destoy the beauty of nature in such a callous and tasteless manner. They seem to be forgetting that the 2 cities built up around each side of the falls wouldn't exist without the falls to attract the huge hoards of tourists every year. Embrace the beauty of the world, don't throw up on it. Not impressed. The brief moments between the colours changing when parts of it were white were, albeit far to brief, spectacular.

The Canadian city of Niagara, supposedly the none tacky side, was full of burger joints, gift shops, cheesey attractions like haunted houses, glow-in-the-dark crazy golf, at least 5 wax museums and all manner of other crap that make Blackpool look classy. Ah well, kept us entertained while waiting for the evening illumination of the falls.


2nd July 2008

Hi Lizzie, Waterfall sounds amazing despite the vomit couloured lights. if people get in your way I've found a quick jab to the ribs with a sharp elbow often does the trick. As to the feeling disappointed, I'm afraid you'll have to get used to it when you come home as I think that getting up to come to work and paying bills are going to be a bit anti climatic after all you've seen and done. You should definitely do a book when you get back and put in all your photos so you don't forget anything. Will definitely miss your blog as it's made me smile a lot of the time. Enjoy the rest of your time out there. Love Nicola

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