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January 24th 2006
Published: January 24th 2006
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A normal picture of meA normal picture of meA normal picture of me

One of the very few regular pictures you will ever see of me.
After about two years of travelling to various places around the world, i finally decide to make a travelblog. It would have been great to have found this place earlier, but oh well. Anyways, this is just the first entry into what will be many.

In 24 hours I'm about to head off on a short 3-4 week backpacking trip to the middle of Canada. I've already travelled through most of Canada before, but I'm heading on this little *vacation* for a couple reasons. Chief amongst them is spending some time with long lost friends whom I havent seen in a long time. Plus the cities I'm planning to stop at are really fun 😊 Sure it may be cold this time of year, but I've traveled around in way worse conditions. I got the first hostel booked, my plane ticket is in my hand and I'm ready to go! Once the small planned portion of the trip is done, who knows what sorts of adventures I'll get myself into. That is all part of the backpacking charm I find!

Sitting here at home is slowly driving me insane and my travelbug needs itching badly. Plus work is getting

Typically i'm a bit of a loon.
annoying :P Ah if only I could wander around the globe all the time eh? Well later on this year I'm definately getting off the continent again. Maybe to South America, or perhaps Iceland, or maybe even...ah who am I kidding I have to go everywhere eventually!

I will make this entry short. It is more of a test entry anyways to figure out how this site works. I'll throw up a couple pictures later on as well.


4th February 2006

ummm mooo
I'm still amazed that after so long on all your damn trips, you always end up back in the valley :P I dare you to stay here more than 2 months...then you will never leave again! muahaha It's cursed I tell ya! Anyhoo have fun as usual. Bring me back something. Or booze. ya

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