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July 31st 2007
Published: August 10th 2007EDIT THIS ENTRY

I went to a tractor pull.

I ...went to a tractor pull.

Life is rather different here.

The pace is somewhat slower.

We survived the furniture move in, Annie slurping up spiders and Joey suffering with a manual lawn mower.
We survived the tractor pull and the Fair and Midway.

Only time will tell about the demolition derby. Rest assured that I have a new baseball cap and have begun to say “some” quite a bit. As in “some hot”, “some cold” or “that sure was some storm”. I fought the temptation to use an exclamation point, as people around here tend to only seem to get excited on rare occasions. Once I see it, I will let you know. Tim Horton’s is becoming a way of life. It is the place where all the old timers go to gossip. I now fully understand Homer Simpson and with my continuing follicle challenge I am beginning to resemble him, only not so good looking.

Moving into the house was an interesting experience. The moving company that we used was very disappointing. Not to mention very costly. Oh hell, I will mention it. They were very expensive. I would not recommend them at all. That said and done, we have our stuff and the guys at this end were very colourful. We pried them with the local beverage (you guessed it, Ice Caps) and the food de jour; Homer’s favorite, doooouughnuts. Once the sugar kicked in we couldn’t stop them from talking. They tended to smoke a lot also. All in all, they smoke a lot here, which in itself doesn’t bother me. It is the 900 lbs women, with their babies on their rolls of fat that bother me. Well, it’s not them per se. It is that they smoke also and the fact that they seem to breed. I assume that it is only once, as they appear to have, like a huge praying mantis, eaten their mate.

On the moving day we had a very busy house. It seems that the town has a huge underground system of sensors which are connected to satellite dishes which beam a signal to SatCom #5 which, in turn, transmits a signal to little silicone implants to the people of Stepfor…..Woodstock. Who in turn show up on your doorstep, welcoming you? They are all very nice and kind and I am looking forward to Aunt Bea coming over soon with Andy and Opie with some homemade apple pie.

We have met some wonderful people here though and are looking forward to getting to know them better.
We travelled to a little coastal town called St. Andrew yesterday. The drive was wonderful. Every now and then there were these new signs on the side of the road. The signs had a moose and an empty car in front of it. Now we have seen the “Attention Moose” sign. We have seen the “Attention Elk” sign and even the “Attention Deer” sign, but this was the first time we saw this one. I can only assume that it is the infamous “Attention Car Jacking Moose” sign. St. Andrew is a very pretty town and I highly recommend it if you are in the gosh let’s get gouged during tourist season mood. I look forward to going back in October.

We went to the fair this evening. That was fun. It was all that I thought it would be and more. Imagine Disneyland, only 1000 times smaller and with no mice or no real park like setting and no….actually that may not be the best metaphor. I’ll post some pictures and you will get the idea. The capitalist spirit never ceases to amaze me. I had “curly fries” tonight. Not the kind you are thinking of. There was a guy and I assume his wife selling them. They were typical “grandparenty” looking folks. They had a van and 3 deep fryers. You ordered your fries and he took a potatoe and jammed it on a rod and took a modified electric drill with a modified drill bit and sliced ribbons of potatoes. His wife took what he cut and put it into the deep fryer. 4 minutes later out comes the perfect fair food. It tasted out of this world. The ribboned potatoe overflowed on an average plate and the novelty was wonderful. ½ of a potatoe. $4.50.

Tomorrow we move into the house.


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