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North America » Canada » Manitoba » Portage la Prairie July 11th 2012

Well so far I am falling behind in this blogging diatrate but will attempt to do better. First of all Manitoba roads , although slightly better than Sask. are still (excuse the pun) nothing to write home about. PLP, however, was a very pleasant and interesting place. Weather was beautiful, in fact to warm for me, we even turned the air conditioner on. PLP is known for its strawberries and potatoes. Also it exuberance for its heritage. Did you know Manitoba started out to be the Republic of Manitobah (yes that is the way it was spelled) but alas much like our politicians today they got greedy and were overturned and vola now we have the province of Manitoba, ok enough of the history lesson. We spent a day relaxing and doing not much of anything, ... read more
Trappers Cabin
Fort la Reine
West Prospect School

North America » Canada » Manitoba » Portage la Prairie July 7th 2012

Well Cypress Hills was OK not somewhere we would travel to again. However, we were only in the campground about 10 min. and a mum moose strolled through our campsite, some kids were chasing her and her baby (idiots), and about an hour later 2 deer walked through, and on the other hand if your a saskatchwenite and you never get to see trees it would be a great place to take your kids for a weekend. The next day we saw a mother duck and her troop of babies on the lake. So back to our travels, we decided to take the "red coat trail"- heritage and all that- the word trail says it all, never complain about BC or Alberta roads because we were down to 50 and never over 80k an hour. Lots ... read more
Just wasn't their color
Just strolling on the lake
This is our home

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