Well... that was awkward. The bad days of traveling solo.

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March 20th 2014
Published: April 17th 2014
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Just because it's in the list of top ten things to do in Vancouver doesn't mean you should go.

I went to Burnaby Village Museum. It's a replica of the old British Columbia. They have old houses, banks, grocery store, cinema, train station, train, etc. There were people in costumes assuming the identities of people who lived in the era that they were trying to portray. It was nice to see the antiques and stuff, but it was really just awkward. It was a place where parents take their toddlers. Yup, that kind of place. I was the only adult there that didn't have a kid in tow. The ticket attendant said I should really try the free carousel ride. What a depressing picture if I did. It would have been okay if I had a girlfriend with me and we were 14. But I'm 29 and traveling solo. I would have looked pathetic if I did. Even the way that she said it sounded gloomy "you really should try the carousel". Like how it's done in dark comedy. Moral lesson is: NEVER GO TO A THEME PARK WHEN TRAVELING SOLO.

I entered the grocery store as the kids and their parents were leaving. I'm not sure if it was just my imagination but I think I saw a look of surprise and bewilderment on the attendants face when she saw me come in alone without a kid. Like she was trying to decide whether to put on her act or just let me be. She decided not to. I think that's for the best. So she just told me to ask if I needed to know anything. There was an interesting thing that looked like a gas stove so I asked what it was "it's a gas stove" she replied. I know, it's depressing.

The coolest thing in the museum for me is the old train and the quaint train station. I've never been on a train that traveled on land. I did in Thailand but that was a tourist train showing people what old trains were like. So it doesn't count. The attendant said this one was used in Burnaby until the 70's.

The Capilano Bridge is a major tourist destination in Vancouver. It's a suspension bridge over a canyon and some walkways that were built on trees. There was a $40 fee to see the place. On the other hand there was the Lynn Canyon suspension bridge. Which you could visit for free. I chose the latter. To tell the truth I wasn't particularly interested in seeing a suspension bridge and walk through a forest of pine trees. You can do that anywhere in Canada. It looks like 98% of the trees here are pine trees. But I had nothing better to do and this is what tourists do. When I go back home and people ask "have you seen this and that?" I want to be able to say yes. During bad days I feel tired of traveling. I think it's my need to always feel productive that pushes me to walk around the city at about six to eight hours a day. Like a regular day at work. My legs and feet hurt at the end of each day. But I'm pressured to see something new every day because not doing so would be a waste of time. I spent so much money to get here. I need to make the most of the few weeks that I'm here. So I just go even if something isn't that interesting for me. Maybe I've been here a little too long. The romance of Vancouver is over. Parks are all starting to look the same. I still enjoy downtown though. I've always thought that I liked the countryside better. Apparently not here. Now I'm not sure what I like. Back home I hate staying in the city during weekends. I never wanted to go to Singapore because it's a city. But downtown Vancouver is different. It's like seeing your crush in high school. Fresh and exciting. There's so much to see and it smells so good! I wish I lived there.

I kinda got lost going to Lynn Canyon. I got on a bus with the correct bus number but apparently not all buses with that number goes all the way to the place where I needed to go. It only went halfway. I had to wait for about 30 minutes till the right bus came. I tried to strike a conversation with a solo backpacker. I assumed she was a backpacker because of the backpack, map, and she looked scruffy. She wasn't friendly. I had to take another bus to my destination. It's in the northern part of Vancouver. It was near the mountains and it was cold. The bus was much smaller than the regular bus. North Vancouver is one of the most charming places I've seen here. It's a mountainous area with very little traffic. The houses had bigger gardens and it felt like the little old village that Burnaby Village Museum wanted to be.

The bridge was cool. There was a waterfalls under it. 150 feet below. I walked along a river and through the forest. Alone. I saw the stuffed animals in the museum. It's one of those days when you wish you were not alone. I never travel solo when I'm in the the Philippines. Mainly because I know that everyone would ask why and would think that it's sad. I've traveled solo a couple of times before but only for a few days and I enjoyed it. I've always considered myself very independent. I don't need anybody to have a fun day. Now I'm not sure if that is really who I am. Maybe traveling alone for extended periods is not for me. I am more Filipino than I thought I was. Back home I thought I had a more western culture because I'm very individualistic. It's true what I read from another Filipino blogger. It becomes more obvious to you how Filipino you are when you're abroad. My weaknesses and ignorance become magnified.

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17th April 2014

try somewhere new!!!
I love reading your blogs and hearing of new experiences and soundalike you are in the same place? you've said you have a few weeks to go so why not try somewhere else in Canada? head into French Canada for a different feel, or find a rodeo! I've been to Toronto and niagra falls and that was pretty a,axing and very different - worth it for a few days :) time to find more new stuff! :)
17th April 2014

The bad days
Extended travel is exhausting. You need to chill out for a couple of days and do nothing. You'll enjoy it more.
19th April 2014

Theme park: solo style
I went to Nha Trang theme park Vinpearl solo. Loved it! Maybe it depends what type of theme park. Vinpearl is mostly water slides.

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