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March 15th 2014
Published: March 25th 2014
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I went out with Annie again tonight. Friday night. She took me out to West Minster pier. I had to meet her in West Minster station. As I was looking for a place where I can wait for her where I won't be cold, a drunk/crazy looking man came to me yelling "Where the f$#£ is the liquor store?!". I think I finally blended in with the locals. Or maybe he's just drunk and crazy. Again much bigger than me, but I wasn't scared this time since there's only one of him and the place wasn't dodgy like that part in Gas town earlier.

Finally saw Annie, we met in Starbucks and ordered our cups of coffee. I usually just order green tea frappe but since it's cold here I had to have something hot. Anyway, we hung out at the pier. It was so nice. I can't believe that people aren't out on a Friday night! We must have come across only six to eight people in the pier. It's a lovely park. I don't know why people would not want to hang out there. There was a pub with a few people dancing funny. I couldn't hear the music because every building here seems sound proof. Judging by how they were dancing I guess the music was a country song and they were doing the country dance. Or maybe they were so drunk they forgot how to dance sexy.

After the park she showed me around in her college. Douglas College. I don't know if I understood it right but she said something like "A College is where you get a college degree. A University is where you get Masters and PHD". Douglas college looks more like a small private high school or a mall. Again, people here are so lucky.

I told her "Aside from the beach, I don't know why Canadians would want to travel". After everything I've seen here so far I don't know how I would look at things when I get back home. Why do Canadians travel? Most people travel to see pretty places, to get impressed. At least that's the reason why most Filipinos travel. Canadians will never run out of pretty and impressive places here. I overheard two teenaged boys talking on the Sky Train. One said his friend went on a mission trip to Honduras. He didn't come although he was also invited because he didn't want to go to South America because it's not a nice place. His words "South Americrap". I felt ashamed for my country. These boys would think Manila is THE gateway to hell. But if you don't want to travel anywhere thats not as clean, modern and beautiful as Canada. Where would you go? Why would you wanna go elsewhere? Do Canadians travel because they want to see gritty places because it's a novelty?

I asked Annie "Where are the prostitutes here? It's already ten I don't see any provocatively dressed girls looking for customers". I was partly kidding but at the same time it was a serious question. I've only been to China and Thailand before Canada. Seeing prostitutes luring clients is common to me. I've never seen any here. I did see what looks like a strip club but no street walkers. Maybe because it's too cold to be out in the streets? No, it was a warm night. I don't know yet if it's illegal here.

I noticed that the sunset is not colorful here. I did't pay much attention to the sunsets but I think Thailand has the same sunset as the Philippines. The sunset here is grey. I have yet to see an explosion of different shades of blue, yellow, orange, red, white and grey. Perhaps in a different season? It's winter approaching spring now.

They have bad bananas and mangoes here. The bananas are not sweet and they sell apple mangoes here. That's the mango variety that we don't eat in the Philippines because they taste like medicine. You can't even sell that in our markets. We need to let them know that mangoes and bananas are supposed to be delicious.

I tried the Bella Gellateria because I've been told that they won best gellato in the world in the annual gellato olympics or something. Who knew there was such a contest. I would love to attend it. I tried the flavor that won them that award. I must say, I've never had a better gellato. Not the best dessert I've had but definitely the best gellato.

I noticed the drinking fountain in Fraser river park that there are two drinking fountains in that one drinking fountain that they have. One the regular height and the other by the ankle. I was told that it's for dogs. They love their pets so much that even the dogs have drinking fountains! Dogs here are a lot more expensive than they are in Manila. A $300 dog in Manila would cost $6,000 to $7,000 here. That could get you two human babies where I am from.


25th March 2014

why do Canadians want to travel?
Well I'm not Canadian, I'm Australian and I love travelling. I've been to the Philippines (on a mission trip). You underestimate the beauty of your country and its people. And the food. People don't travel just to see beautiful places. I travel for the adventure, the people that I meet and the different experiences and cultures. Some of that may involve dirt and discomfort but that's part of life. Also going from a wealthy country to a poorer country can show us that we have little to complain about and that we should be helping more. More people should travel. It's a good education. About your prostitution comments, it's a shame that it is so common in your country, or in any country. I support one of many organisations where they rescue under-age girls from sex slavery in brothels, mostly in Asian and African countries. It's not a life for anyone.
25th March 2014

that was just how I felt at that moment
that was just how I felt at that moment after hearing those boys talk about south america. I know we don't have first world amenities at home but I do love my country and I am proud of what we have. Thank you for your kind words about the Philippines.
25th March 2014

Each place has positives and negatives for sure. You wonder why Canadians would bother to travel? Well, we like to go to places like to Philippines so we can eat sweet ripe bananas & real mangos that don't taste like medicine, and see beautiful sunsets. Canada is stunning but it also can be isolating and dark, as you have discovered.

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